Title V

Expanding Educational Access and Improving Quality of Distance Learning for Rural,Time/ Place-Bound Students

Title V is a Hispanic Serving Institute program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. This federally funded program enables Hispanic Serving Institutes like Odessa College to expand and enhance their academic offerings, program quality and institutional stability.

The proposed goals of the Title V project at Odessa College are to:

  • Expand degree programs offered at a distance by creating a hybrid LVN to RN program and a hybrid Emergency Medical Service Professional program
  • Develop and equip patient clinical simulation labs in Odessa College outreach instructional sites to reach under served rural populations
  • Develop a comprehensive online system of academic support and student services
  • Expand the College’s distance learning infrastructure so that it may accommodate an increased volume of online learners
  • Equip faculty and staff with the technology resources and knowledge to provide effective instruction and support services at a distance