Year Three

Year Three Status Update (2012-2013):

The table below lists the Year Three Activity Objectives and their current status.

*The Wrangler Express Center is currently piloting online student services delivery via the use of iPad 2, Blackboard Learn™ and Blackboard Collaborate™. Student Services Staff are engaged in professional development regarding best practices for offering online students optimal, quality services, and establishing a strong online presence.

Objective 7

By 9/30/2013, following implementation of the online career advising, financial advising/financial literacy education at least 85% of participating DL students will express satisfaction with new services as measured by student surveys.


7a. By 12/15/12, at least 50 students will have participated in online career advising, financial advising/financial literacy education, verified by staff.

*Ongoing* - The OC Call Center is currently using BoldChat as a means to advise in the areas of career and financial literacy education. The survey has had 8 total responses as of 9/30/2013.

7b. Those participating will rate online counseling/financial literacy education with an overall average of 3.5 or higher on a 5 point scale, verified by staff.

*Ongoing* - Rating averages of those that have participated so far are as follows:

  • Overall Satisfaction with Online Assistance: 4.625
  • Overall Ease of Use for Online Assistance: 4.625
  • Knowledge of Staff that Assisted: 4.75

Objective 8

By 9/30/2013, as a result of new distance delivery courses and expansion/upgrade of distance learning infrastructure, there will be an OC overall enrollment increase of at least 2% over baseline enrollment in Fall 2009. (baseline = 5,588)


8a. By 9/30/13, analysis of enrollments for the current academic year will reveal that at least 115 more students are enrolled than in Fall 2009 as a result of increased access to distance learning courses.

The total base enrollment dropped 2,223 from Fall 2009 to Fall 2013.

  • Total Baseline enrollment Fall 2009: 7,359
  • Total Baseline enSrollment Fall 2013: 5,136

The total web based enrollment dropped 1, 685 from Fall 2009 to Fall 2013.

  • Total web baseline enrollment Fall 2009: 4,437       
  • Total web baseline enrollment Fall 2013: 2,752

Objective 9

By 9/30/2013, at least 75% of students enrolled in the pilot test of redesigned EMSP and writing courses for distance delivery will successfully complete the courses with a grade of “C” or better


9a. By 9/30/2013, faculty/staff participating in training will demonstrate an overall 25% increase in knowledge of new DL strategies as measured by pre/post tests.

*Summer Session 1-16 registrants; 6 completions; 2 Nurses; 0 EMSP
*Summer Session 2- 17 registrants; 7 Completions; 3 Nurses; 0 EMSP

9b. By 9/30/2013, at least 85% of students enrolled in distance delivery courses will agree/strongly agree on student surveys that DL instruction is satisfactory.  

-Waiting on conclusive results from EMSP students.

Objective 10

By 9/30/2013, at least 5 Nursing distance learning courses will be redesigned and ready to pilot, as verified by project staff.


10a. By 12/31/12, 100% of Year 3 distance learning infrastructure/equipment and Pecos simulation lab equipment will be purchased, installed, and ready for pilot.

*Pecos lab is complete and ready to be utilized by faculty and students.

10b. By 3/31/13, at least 5 nursing faculty will be oriented to the use of new teaching strategies that support diverse learning styles and distance delivery strategies, as verified by training rosters.

*There were 5 Nurses that completed the online training program.

10c. By 7/30/13, selected courses redesigned for distance delivery; 100% syllabi complete and ready for pilot.

*Courses will be ready for Fall 2013 delivery .

Five course to be online by deadline, September 30, 2013:
Year 3-RNSG 1412, RNSG 2207, RNSG 2213 
Year 4-RNSG 2121 and RNSG 1443

10d. By 9/30/13, at least 20 students (40% Hispanic) enrolled in pilot of redesigned Nursing courses.

*RNSG-Hispanic Population (Fall 2009)
1144- 40/73    55%
1443-6/20       30%
2262-22/35     63%

*RNSG-Hispanic Population (Fall 2013)
1144- 23/48    48%
1443-22/38     58%
2213-18/28     64%
2331-11/40     28%

The remaining courses didn’t show a breakdown of Hispanic population for Fall 2009 and Fall 2013.