Campus Police


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Regular Hours: 432.335.6666

After-Hours EMERGENCY Cell Phone: 432.238.6334

The Odessa College Police Department serves the student body of the college by helping to maintain the safety and security of all students and their possessions while they are on campus. Campus police personnel are available to assist students and visitors with problems, such as vehicles with dead batteries and cars with keys locked inside. Police officers may be contacted on a 24-hour basis for emergencies on campus. The OC Police Department main office is located at 201 W. University in the SPUR building just East of the Wood Building of Math and Science. 

While keeping the campus secure and safe, we also offer many other services to the College. The following is just an example of the services provided by the Department.

  • Retrieve keys locked in vehicles
  • Jump start vehicles
  • Unlock and lock doors for special events
  • Close patrols
  • Escorts to and from vehicles
  • Maintain a lost and found
  • Deliver emergency messages Locate buildings on campus for visitors
  • Assist other law enforcement and emergency response agencies

Report Sexual Misconduct (Anonymous online form)

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Campus Carry

Law and Order

The Odessa College Police Department is dedicated to keeping law and order in and around Odessa College properties. Persons who violate federal, state or local laws may be subject to arrest. Persons who violate Odessa College policy and/or regulations will be reported to the appropriate dean and/or subject to arrest if the breech of policy is also a violation of federal, state or local laws.

Odessa College is an alcohol, drug and weapons free institution at all times. Possession of alcohol is strictly prohibited on college property regardless of what age. Odessa College has a zero tolerance policy on drugs. Weapons used for sport or competition must be stored in the Campus Police Department office. All other weapons are prohibited.

Odessa College Parking Regulations

City of Odessa municipal traffic and parking laws are enforced on campus grounds and adjoining areas. Odessa College has specific parking zones which are color-coded and enforced:

Faculty, staff and handicapped
No parking at any time

Traffic and parking violators will be issued a citation. The Odessa College Police Department issues both campus and municipal citations. Odessa College ticket fines are paid in the Odessa College Wrangler Express Center. Municipal citations are paid for through the City of Odessa Municipal Court, located at 205 N. Grant in Odessa.

Failure to pay fines assessed by Odessa College will result in holds placed on registration & transcripts.

To view the complete document listing all Odessa College Parking Regulations, CLICK HERE

2022-23 Odessa College Parking Permit Application

CLICK HERE to access the 2022-23 Odessa College Parking Permit Application Form. All students, faculty and staff are required to have a current and valid Odessa College Parking Permit for each vehicle or motorcycle that will be parked on Odessa College property.

How to File a Complaint Against a Campus Peace Officer

In order for a complaint against a Odessa College peace officer to be considered by the Chief of the campus police department, the complaint must be in writing and signed under oath or affirmation by the person making the complaint. A copy of the complaint shall be given to the officer within a reasonable time after it is filed and no disciplinary action shall be taken against the officer as a result of the complaint unless a copy is given to the officer pursuant to Texas Government Code, Chapter 614.

To file a complaint against the Chief of Police, contact the Executive Director of Administration & HR on the first floor of the Administration building.