Year Four

Year Four Status Update (2013-2014):

The table below lists the Year Four Activity Objectives and their current status.

Objective 11

By 9/30/2014, following implementation of the online test preparation system for licensing examinations (RN) and National Registry Certification Examination (EMSP), at least 85% of participating students will express satisfaction with new services as measured by student surveys.


11a. By 5/31/14, at least 25 students will have participated in online test preparation system licensing and certification examinations, verified by staff.  
11b. Those participating will rate online test preparation services with an overall average of 3.5 or higher on a 5 point scale, verified by staff.  

Objective 12

By 9/30/2014, 75% of students enrolled in the pilot test of new distance learning courses previously developed in Year 3 will successfully complete the courses with a grade of “C” or better.


12a. By 12/30/13, a minimum of 40 students will have participated in at least one EMSP or Nursing course recently converted to online/hybrid delivery.  
12b. By 12/30/13, faculty/staff participating in training will demonstrate an overall 25% increase in knowledge of new DL strategies as measured by pre/ post tests.  

Objective 13

By 9/30/2014 at least 4 additional Nursing distance learning courses will be redesigned and ready to pilot, as verified by project staff.


13a. By 12/31/13, 100% of Year 4 distance learning infrastructure/equipment and Nursing equipment will be purchased, installed, and ready for pilot.  
13b. By 7/30/14, selected courses redesigned for distance delivery; 100% syllabi complete and ready for pilot.  
13c. By 9/30/14, at least 20 students (40% Hispanic) enrolled in pilot of redesigned Nursing courses.