Vision 2030


ODESSA COLLEGE VISION 2030+ – For over 70 years, Odessa College has offered a varied and extensive number of educational programs designed to meet the needs and dreams of its students. We now have the opportunity to expand and enhance the ways we deliver instruction and educational support. Our goal is to offer instruction and instructional support that is as good as, if not better than, any college in the United States. Philanthropy will enable the community and philanthropic leaders to continue to invest in the College to strengthen the communities and students we serve. Odessa College is committed to investing $75 million for campus improvements.

The college anticipates transitioning to phase two (2) before the end of this year. Phase two (2) will include:

  • construction of stadium public entrance;
  • installation of permanent fencing, bleachers, scoreboard and lighting;
  • general improvements to the grounds;
  • landscaping;
  • terraced seating; and
  • picnic areas.  

At this time, James Segrest Stadium remains closed to the public and to campus programming. Community walkers are encouraged to take advantage of Wrangler Trails or the indoor track at the Odessa College Sports Center. Please continue to follow Odessa College’s social media for updates regarding the stadium and Vision 2030+.

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James Segrest Stadium: Renderings: Renderings

Downtown Odessa: Renderings: Renderings 

Wood Health Sciences Building: Renderings