WIFI Services

COVID 19 | Access to Campus WiFi

The College has adopted an emergency operation protocol that serves as a guide for facility access and campus operations, including the Sports Center, when a national and or regional emergency is declared.  The College President has authority to modify or change the emergency management and facility access plan at any time, and in the best interest of students, employees and our community. 

Upon approval by the College President, the Odessa College may transition to a remote, online and virtual learning. Access to internet will be critical for students to access learning material including the learning management system (Blackboard), online, open educational resources, virtual advising, online tutoring, etc. as well as synchronous and asynchronous lectures.

As such, the college will permit students to access college WiFi from campus parking lots under the following provisions:

  • Limit access to 8 am – midnight
  • Require vehicles to have a current OC parking permit (parking permits are free and are available at the Wrangler Express Center. The application is available online)
  • Vehicles must be parked in student or visitor marked space (yellow and white).
  • Students must remain in their vehicles and follow the recommended guidelines for social gatherings.
  • Vehicle occupancy should not be exceeded.
  • The Odessa College Police Department will monitor parking lots and have the authority to remove students when needed. Criminal trespasses warning may be issued – revoking access to parking lot WiFi until further notice.
  • Trash receptacles will not be available and littering will not be permitted.
  • All campus rules and state laws remain in effect. Student who do not comply are subject to judicial sanction including suspension or expulsion.

WiFi coverage in the parking lots may be intermittent and is subject to interference.