Learning Frameworks - EDUC 1300


EDUC 1300/PSYC 1300 Learning Framework: ACGM Course Description

A study of the research and theory in the psychology of learning, cognition and motivation; factors that impact learning, and application of learning strategies. Theoretical models of strategic learning, cognition, and motivation serve as the conceptual basis for the introduction of the college-level student academic strategies. Students use assessment instruments (e.g. learning inventories) to help them identify their own strengths and weaknesses as strategic learners. Students are ultimately expected to integrate and apply the learning skills and cultural aspects discussed across disciplines to become effective and efficient learners. Students will gain an understanding of cultural diversity and cultural systems related to environmental circumstances. Students will be able to communicate and relate individuals from multiple cultures in today's global community.

Course Purpose

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to explore, uncover, and develop techniques, strategies, skills and attitudes that will lead to academic, career and life success.

EDUC/PSYC 1300 Learning Framework: Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will construct a personal learning system informed by identifying their individual learning style and by the research and theory in the psychology of learning, metacognition and motivation. 
  2. Students will engage in career exploration to develop an educational and career plan based on individual assessments and exploration of career options and critically analyzing the potential wages, job opportunities, and necessary skills associated with each career option.
  3. Students will demonstrate intercultural competence, civic responsibility, and cultural awareness by engaging effectively in regional, national, and global communities through exploration of their own cultural identities and experiences.
  4. Students will apply academic technological tools and library resources to acquire information, solve problems and communicate effectively.
  5. Students will utilize campus resources by attending student life events and participating in service opportunities and identifying student groups to join.
  6. Students will apply financial literary techniques and strategies to their personal finances to align with their chosen career path, and their academic and personal goals.


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