Education Stimulus

This year, Odessa College has received more money than ever to support students who have been impacted by the pandemic. This spring, all eligible students will receive an education stimulus grant to pay for tuition, fees and other expenses related to education. This grant will be automatically awarded to your student account after the first week of the spring 2 term. These funds are part of the federal pandemic relief program and won’t last forever. Register today to take advantage of this benefit.
Eligible students will receive a $100 award. Grants are awarded first-come, first-serve until funds are depleted.

How do students qualify?
Register for spring 2022 and then determine how you want to receive your refund: direct deposit or paper check? NO application needed and FAFSA is NOT required.
Who is eligible?
All, traditional full and part-time students who register for the fall semester are eligible. DACA recipients, DREAMers, undocumented and international students are eligible. Dual credit students (high school) are not eligible for the automatic stimulus, but may qualify for pandemic relief funds. Click here to apply. 
When do students receive the grant?
The funds will be distributed after the 7th class day.

How do I set up direct deposit?
Can the grant pay a past due balance or go toward an installment plan?
Yes. If you want the grant to pay a past due balance or go toward your current installment plan, please provide consent by completing this application.
Will students have to repay the grant if they drop classes or withdrawal from the college?
No. If you withdraw before the first class day,  you will not receive any funds.
Does the grant affect my financial aid?
Have questions? Contact the financial aid office at