Odessa College looks forward to welcoming students back to campus this fall! We know that during these uncertain times, your learning, and our work, must continue.
The college does plan to offer students the opportunity to attend classes on campus this fall in a safe way by:
  • Implementing mandatory, daily health screenings for faculty, staff, students, visitors and vendors;
  • Using social distancing protocols inside and outside of the classroom; and
  • Enforcing CDC, State and Local safety guidelines.
As always, students will have the option to enroll in face-to-face, hybrid or online courses.
  • FACE-TO-FACE courses include an F in the section extension (ENGL1301.F12) and typically require students to attend class in-person and on campus.
  • HYBRID courses include an H in the section extension (ENGL1301.H12) and typically require students to attend one-half of the class in-person and on campus, while the other one-half is delivered online via Blackboard, the college’s learning management system.
  • ONLINE courses include a W in the section extension (ENGL1301.W12) and do not require students to attend class in person or on campus. All learning takes place using Blackboard, the college’s learning management system.
This fall the college will make the following adjustments to course schedules to maximize learning and mitigate the spread and unpredictability of the virus:

FACE-TO-FACE and HYBRID Courses in FALL 2020 

If you enroll in a Face-to-Face (in-person) or Hybrid (online and in-person) course, this means that the class will meet at specific times each week and that you will have the option to meet for class either online or in-person during the scheduled class times.  In order to practice safe physical distancing, no more than 50% of classroom capacity will be allowed on campus at one time. Half of the class will meet on campus for one class session per week, while the other half of the class joins in remotely (online) at the same time via Blackboard or Zoom. On-campus participants will be required to observe the Odessa College Safety Screening Protocol.
Labs for lab-based courses will be offered in person. Lecture and Didactic portions of the course will be offered online. Hands-on instruction in labs will be taught at the beginning of each term to prepare for a possible instructional pivot.
Prior to the first day of class, students enrolled in Hybrid and Face-to-Face sections will receive an attendance assignment email from their professor, including details on how they access the course. See the Sample Schedule below.
For example if you are scheduled to attend a face-to-face class in person on Monday AND Wednesday from 8 am – 10:50 am, you will now:
  • Attend class in person on Monday OR Wednesday from 8 am – 10:50 am
  • Login in remotely from 8 am – 10:50 am to attend class on the Monday OR Wednesday you did not attend class in person
Students in face-to-face and hybrid classes should plan on spending three (3) to six (6) hours of learning with the instructor each week – three (3) hours in class and three (3) hours via remote or online instruction.  
Students enrolled in face-to-face and/or hybrid sections will receive an attendance assignment email from their faculty regarding the course. As such, you must activate your Odessa College student email immediately.

ONLINE (Web) Courses in FALL 2020 

There will be no change to ONLINE courses in Fall 2020. Learning will continue online, anytime.  Students are responsible for developing their own schedule for completing class assignments by the due dates outlined by the professor.

Class attendance will be strictly enforced and will include either in-person on remote attendance. Viewing recorded lectures online and completing the required assignment or assessment, remotely may count as attendance with written pre-approval from instructor.
Courses will be equipped with Supplemental Instruction or Tutoring to ensure all students have access to academic support.
Are you an OC student with unforeseen expenses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to online, virtual and remote courses? If so, you may qualify for a cash grant that provides emergency funding to eligible college students. This spring, Odessa College received a Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF) grant created under the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which will be used to help our students affected by the current COVID-19 crisis. Emergency aid is available for qualifying students with financial aid and without financial aid. Click here to learn more.

Odessa College has a variety of resources available to students.

Odessa College is committed to high engagement practices both on campus and online – preparing students to transfer or transition into the workforce. Please continue to check this page, your college email and the college social media platforms for updates regarding Fall 2020 at OC. 

Contact us at safelearning@odessa.edu should you have questions.