Certified Rescue Technician Courses


Odessa College is now offering multiple disciplines of rescue and working at heights certifications. In addition to the Industrial Rope Rescue Technician course, a Confined Space Rescue Technician and Vertical Rescue Technician Certification is offered. The certifications, through Rescue Training International (RTI), are divided into levels of certifications, making it easier for candidates to attend training. Those registering for training may also be eligible for training scholarships on an individual basis.

All classes and training exercises take place on the Odessa College campus, either inside the Safety Training Center indoor rescue training facility, or the State-approved Fire/EMS Technology outdoor rappelling tower and other previously approved locations. Some courses utilize both facilities.

The Instructor of these courses, Dean McCann, is certified by Rescue Training International as a Level 3 Lead Instructor for Industrial Rope Rescue, Vertical Rope Rescue and Confined Space Rescue and has extensive experience in rescue standby, working at heights and training operations in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Indiana, Illinois and Hawaii.

Class sizes are limited to 4-12 candidates, to ensure optimal instructor/candidate ratios, with eight (8) candidates being ideal. This results in increased one-on-one time between the Instructor and candidates in each class, plus allows candidates to work together in required team operations.

Candidates must initially register for training at least one week in advance in order to attend training. Call 432-335-6575 or email ragalindo@odessa.edu to register with Odessa College and check if the candidate qualifies for a scholarship. The candidate will then formally register with Rescue Training International, the organization providing the training certification. The Rescue Training International Course Calendar and Registration Information is accessible at this link: http://www.rescueti.com/coursecalendar. Certificates to be sent to the technician from RTI. Laminated wallet cards for those who successfully complete training will be awarded by the Instructor on the last day of training.

Odessa College Rescue Course Descriptions (PDF)


  • Other certification courses, such as Window Washer Technician, Confined Space Horizontal Rescue, and Working at Heights training are offered specifically for your company and your employees, so contact Dean McCann for more needed information.
  • COVID-19 policies and guidelines of Odessa College must be strictly adhered to

Instructor email: deanmccann4771@gmail.com
Instructor cell: (432) 664-1384

Rescue and Working at Heights Courses require a minimum of 4 candidates and no more than 12, all of who must meet the following requirements:

  • be 18 years of age or older,
  • weigh between 130-310 pounds,
  • be physically fit sufficient to perform assigned tasks while working from rope systems,
  • have a distinct aptitude for working at heights, and
  • be able to fully communicate directly with the Instructor.