Entrepreneurial Certification Program

The Entrepreneurial Certification Program (EPC) teaches students essential life skills associated with problem-solving, and innovative thinking while enhancing skills that adhere to contemporary situations. Methods to adapt when faced with an unprecedented pandemic, collective learning the importance of ownership and responsibility while articulating concepts that drive improvement. Our Program focuses on constructive creativity in various situations that prepare for real-world problems. The Program encourages innovative ideas to deal with problematic circumstances. Students begin to create the necessary framework of strategies through multiple topic-driven phases, situation-based activities, realistic circumstances, and identifying a market problem. Efforts are aimed to solve any issues to build a competitive business model that defines the value proposition. 

Topic-Driven Development Our topic-based approach delivers a more straightforward content progression with a sequence of a comprehensive narrative to generate task flows applicable to clarify the hypotheses. Rather than being lesson-centered, our approach is holistic; it provides opportunities to think, question, and explore in sequence the topic and opportunities. The knowledge structure includes topic-oriented information parallel to concept development while creating strategic subsets essential to producing a business plan. The results combine many curriculum subjects allowing to explore subject matters in greater depth between phases of development.


Entrepreneur Certification Program is a 10-week Hybrid Program

Spring 1 Courses (Odessa Campus) 

  • Cost: $150
  • Dates: January 9, 2023-March 23, 2023; Tuesday's and Thursday's
  • Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm   
  • Duration: 10 weeks; there is an online component to this course
  • Class Size: 4 Minimum/20 Max
  • Instructor: M. Crain
  • course code: 23/Q2 BUSG 1024
  • Available on Marketplace 

To register please call 432-335-6580 or visit the Marketplace.