International Students

Applicants from outside the United States may be admitted to Odessa College by meeting regular admission requirements and deadlines set for receipt of materials for international students. International students must agree to comply with all international student regulations to remain enrolled.
All of the below documents and items/materials must be received in the OC Admissions Office by the following dates:

Deadlines for receipt of materials:

Fall Semester

June 1

Spring Semester

October 1

Summer Semesters

March 1

The following must be contained in the applicants file: 

(Click here to download this checklist)

1.      Completed admissions application online through Apply Texas. Be sure to select the two-year international application.

2.      Non-refundable application fee: $50 (US currency – cash, debit/credit or cashier’s check accepted).
3.      Copy(ies) of passport information (name, passport number, address, etc.)
4.      Official high school transcript or college(s)/university(ies), if applicable. Transcripts must be translated into English. A list of Foreign Credential Evaluation services is included.
5.     Official score report of demonstrated proficiency of the English Language. Acceptable tests, official score reports and/or course work that a student from a non-English speaking country can submit for consideration are the following:
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 525 on the paper test or 61 on the Internet-based test.
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) - minimum score of 6
  • Duolingo English Test - minimum score of 85 
  • TSI Assessment - A minimum English Language Arts and Reading multiple choice score of 940 and a minimum essay score of 4
  • SAT - minimum score of 480 on the critical reading or Evidence-Based Reading and Writing test (EBRW)
  • ACT - minimum score of 19 on the English test
  • CLEP - minimum score of 50 with essay on the English test
  • International Baccalaureate Program - minimum score of 4 on the English A1 Higher Level (HL) exam
  • Two consecutive years of English at the secondary/high school or college/university level with a passing grade and a minimum score as indicated on one of the approved tests outlined in items i through vii may also be submitted for consideration.
When receiving a borderline score on an above English proficiency test, the Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management may select a panel of Odessa College employees to further evaluate English proficiency based on interview conversations, transcripts showing English instruction, additional English proficiency tests or writing samples.
6.     A physician's statement showing proof of immunization against diphtheria and tetanus within the last 10 years.
7.     All first-time students under the age of 22 must have the bacterial meningitis vaccination.
8.     A negative result on a tuberculosis test and evidence of good physical health.
9.     Financial statement showing proof of funds to cover $17,000 per calendar year to cover educational and living expenses. Add $5,000 for each additional dependent. International Students are not eligible for any federal or state aid through the Financial Aid Department at Odessa College. F-1 Visa students do not qualify for foundation scholarships during the first semester of enrollment, however, they can still submit a scholarship application which will determine their eligibility for the second semester.
10. Proof of medical insurance including evacuation/repatriation. Verification is required for each semester of enrollment. The following are a few of many choices: Travel Insurance ServicesInternational SOS,VISIT International Health Insurance ProgramInternational Student Insurance (PDF Brochure HERE). This can be provided once your F-1 Visa has been granted by USCIS.
Submit all documents together by either emailing to or mailing to:
Odessa College
Office of Admissions, International
201 W. University
Odessa, Texas 79764
You also may drop off documents in the Wrangler Express Center located on the first floor of the Saulsbury Campus Center.

Applications received after the deadline date will be considered for admission for the next semester. International students who wish to transfer to Odessa College from another accredited U.S. college or university must have the Odessa College International Student SEVIS Transfer Form completed by the international advisor from the previously attended institution prior to admission. Once completed this form can be emailed to


International students who are interested in online classes and are not planning to come to the United States should contact admissions for requirements. If you would like this information emailed to you or if you have questions, please contact the Admissions Office at