Admission Requirements


High School Graduates

Students who have never attended a college or university must submit an official transcript with a graduation date to the Admissions Office. Please contact your high school to request that the transcript be mailed to OC.


Students who have never attended a college or university must submit an official copy of the General Educational Development Test (GED) or Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency (TxCHSE) score report to the Wrangler Express Center.

Transfer Students

Students who have attended another college or university must submit an official transcript from all colleges or universities previously attended to the Records Office.

Visiting Students/Non-degree Seeking

Visiting students are enrolled in another college or university and only wish to take a few courses at OC for transfer. Non-degree seeking students may also be students who attend for personal interests or enrichment. These students are not eligible for Title IV federal grants, loans, or work-study assistance and are limited to 15 semester credit hours in this status. They may not be required to provide official copies of all transcripts from every college or university previously attended. Visiting Students/Non-degree students will need copies of unofficial transcripts to be available to be put in courses that require TSI testing as well as any prerequisite courses.

Texas Success Initiative Assessment

All incoming students are required to take the Texas Success Initiative Assessment before enrolling for college level classes unless:

  • The student is enrolled in a Level One Certificate program.

  • The student provides an official high school transcript showing TAKS, STAAR, SAT or ACT score exemption.

  • The student provides an official college transcript showing receipt of a bachelor's degree or an associates degree.

A Pre-Assessment test can be taken by clicking here.

Depending on your transcripts, placement testing may be required.