Course Make-Up Exams

Proctored Exam Form

OC instructors may offer the option of a make-up exam to students who have missed a classroom test. The Testing Center offers proctored make-up exams only when an instructor requests the service.

If your instructor allows you to take a make-up exam, he or she will provide us with specific instructions, often including the time allowed for the test, dates during which you can take the make-up exam and any special instructions using the Proctored Exam Form.

Students using the drop-in, make-up exam service should plan to begin their test(s) no later than one hour before the Testing Center closes or earlier if the instructor allots more than one hour to complete the test.

Please note that this service is for OC courses only, and students looking for proctoring for other institutions should review the Proctored Testing Procedures for Agencies page.

Requesting a Make-Up Exam

  1. Visit with your course professor to ensure they have completed the Proctored Exam form and delivered your exam to the testing center. 
  2. Arrive for your exam within the time frame allotted by your instructor. Testing Center Representatives can not change the proctor instructions once the exam has been delivered. 
  3. There is no proctoring fee charged to current OC students who are testing for an OC course.

Testing Center Tips:

  1. Class exams are administered in accordance to the professor's instructions. If you are unable to complete your exam within the time frame allotted, please contact your instructor immediately. 
  2. The Testing Center is located in the SPUR Building, Suite 150.
  3. All test candidates should be prepared to present a current photo ID for verification purposes during the check-in process.
  4. You will be provided a locker to store your personal items when completing your exam.