Departmental Advanced Standing Testing

An Advanced Standing Examination is the OC departmental version of the CLEP test. College credit can be awarded to a student who has advanced skills or particular expertise in a subject area. OC will accept up to 30 semester hours of advanced standing, whether from Departmental Advanced Standing exams, the CLEP test or a combination of the two.

Departmental Advanced Standing Exam at Odessa College

  1. Visit with the Chair of the Department in which you are seeking credit. At that time you will be provided an approved application for departmental advanced standing examination.
  2. After you receive the approval from the Department Chair, you will take your application to the Registrar's Office to verify eligibility.
  3. Your next step will be to visit with your Student Success Coach and verify that the course you are wanting to test aligns with your current degree plan.
  4. Lastly, you will go to the Business Office and pay the required testing fee.
  5. Once all signatures have been obtained and the payment has been made you will return your application to the Department Chair and schedule your exam. 

If you feel that you would benefit from taking a Departmental Advanced Standing Exam please download the application and complete each step in the order they are listed.