Social Sciences


Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Department offers a rich interdisciplinary education, exploring the complexities of human society through the lenses of history, political science, economics, psychology, and sociology.

Diverse Curriculum: Explore a wide range of subjects within the social sciences, including history, political science, economics, psychology, and sociology.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Gain a holistic understanding of human behavior and society by integrating knowledge from multiple disciplines.

Critical Thinking Skills: Develop analytical and critical thinking abilities through examining past events, societal structures, political systems, economic theories, and psychological phenomena.

Research Opportunities: Engage in hands-on research projects to investigate social issues, historical events, political dynamics, economic trends, and psychological theories.

Practical Applications: Learn how to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, preparing for careers in fields such as education, public policy, social services, and research.

Dynamic Classroom Environment: Participate in discussions, debates, and collaborative activities that encourage active learning and intellectual exchange.

Expert Faculty: Benefit from experienced instructors who are passionate about their fields and dedicated to helping students succeed academically and professionally.

Transfer Pathways: Seamlessly transfer credits to four-year institutions to pursue advanced degrees in social sciences or related fields, opening doors to further educational and career opportunities.


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