Program Mission Statement




Department’s Mission Statement:

The mission of the Radiologic Technology Program offering an Associate of Applied Science Degree at Odessa College is to provide, within the resources available, an environment for students to gain the educational experiences and skills required to enter and/or remain employable in the entry-level position within the field of radiologic technology.


1. Students will be clinically competent.

2. Students will communicate effectively.

3. Students will properly use critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

4. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the need for continued professional development and growth.

Student Learning Outcomes:

1.1 Students will select appropriate technical factors.

1.2 Students will demonstrate radiation protection by collimating and shielding patients for radiography exams.

1.3 Student will position patients properly for radiographic procedures.

1.4 Student will competently critique images for quality and re-state proper central ray


2.1 Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.

2.2 Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.

2.3 Students will communicate effectively with patients.

2.4 Students will communicate effectively with Radiologist/Radiologist Assistant/Fluoroscopist performing fluoroscopy exams.

3.1 Students will modify routine imaging parameters for trauma patients.

3.2 Students will critique their images for optimum radiographic quality.

3.3 Students will determine which formula is required for solving Inverse Square Law (ISL) vs. Direct Square Proportion (DSP) problems.

4.1 Student will model professional behavior within the communities of interest.

4.2 Students will understand the importance of professional organizations.

4.3 Students will demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics.