Core Transfer Certificate


Core Transfer Certificate

In addition to the traditional degree completion to transfer pathway, Texas allows for transfer after Core Completion (completion of 42 designated semester credit hours of general education coursework). Reference is often made to “getting my basics” at a community college, but students and their families are often uncertain about exactly what that means. The Odessa College Core Courses graphic was designed to remove ambiguity for students planning Core or Degree completion before transfer.

Save time and money! Simply take these courses and you’re set to transfer to any public Texas university with your Core Transfer Certificate from OC!

Course list for certificate:

  • Communications - 2 classes (English or Speech)
  • Creative Arts - 1 class (Music Appreciation, Art History, Intro to Theatre, etc.)
  • Government/Political Science - 2 classes
  • History - 2 classes
  • Language, Philosophy, & Culture - 1 class (Humanities, Spanish, Literature, etc.)
  • Math - 1 class
  • Science - 2 classes (with labs)
  • Social or Behavioral Science - 1 class (Psychology, Sociology, Economics, etc.)
  • Electives - 2 classes (Business Computer Applications, Kinesiology, Speech, etc.)

Core Transfer Pathway:

Core Certificate



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Phone: 432-335-6433