Resident Assistant and Resident Programming Assistant


The Resident Assistant (RA) and Resident Programming Assistant (RPA) position are an integral part of Student Housing. Though both staff member have direct and constant contact with residents, both roles have different responsibilities. The RA and RPA will be assigned to a residence hall floor of approximately 30-50 students.

The RA primiarily serves in an on call rotation for the weekdays and weekends. They will be responsible for answering the phone when it is after hours. 

The RPA is primarily responsible for planning and executing an event each week for the residents. They will plan, advertise, and obtain everything that is needed for the event. The RPA will also create an assessment after each event.

The RAs and RPAs act as facilitators for this residence hall community and enhance the holistic development of each of their residents. The RA and RPA will articulate for students the philosophy and policies of Student Housing and the College.  The RA and RPA represent Student Life and should act as a role model for students. RA and RPA compensation includes: a free room, meal plan, and a monthly stipend!

Interested in becoming an RA or RPA? We WANT YOU! Applications are now open for the Fall 2022 year. If you are interested in the position, come by the Housing office to meet with the staff and fill out the application here.