Program Review

Program Review

Outcomes-Based Academic Program Review             

Academic Program Review is a systematic, comprehensive evaluation of academic
programs and disciplines, led by the faculty with administrative support. The purpose of the program review process is to evaluate the effectiveness and progress of academic programs and to identify the future direction, needs, and priorities of those programs. The goal of a program review is to establish an agreed-upon action plan for further development of the academic program. A systematic program review process ensures excellence in program quality and is supported by the Southern Association of College and Schools, Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), the Texas Higher Education
Coordinating Board (THECB).

All degree programs at Odessa College (along with their related certificates and career
studies certificate), as well as “stand-alone” certificates, career studies certificates, and
disciplines, are to be reviewed according to a periodic schedule. The Office of
Institutional Effectiveness, in consultation with the Instructional Leadership Team,
coordinates the schedule of reviews and notifies programs when they are scheduled for
review. The Program Review Evaluation occurs as follows:
  • Degree programs and certificates are evaluated every three years.
  • Programs accredited or approved by external agencies (e.g., nursing) are reviewed
    on their professional accreditation cycle.
Odessa College’s Academic Program Review process is outcomes-based, data-driven,
user-friendly, and comprehensive. An electronic template is provided to the faculty teams with data on key components of the program, including the program’s enrollment, viability, student success, student learning, labor market analysis, etc. Faculty teams provide evidence-based analysis which leads to action plans to improve the program.
Administrative support for program review is provided by Institutional Effectiveness and other appropriate College units. The completed review is evaluated by peer reviewers and approved by the Administrative Team.