Institutional Research

Institutional Research

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Any research, surveys, interviews, focus groups, or other data-collecting activities that involve
the participation of students or employees at the College must be reviewed and approved by the
Institutional Review Board (IRB). That means most studies or research projects that include
collecting data from students or employees require a formal IRB review.

A number of state and federal regulations exist to protect privacy and other rights of human
subjects, and the College's Institutional Review Board helps ensure those requirements and
considerations are observed. Following the procedures and protocols outlined here helps to
protect human subjects, researchers, and Odessa College.

If, after reviewing the information, you are still unsure as to what to do next, please send a
description of your proposed study or research project, and we will help guide you through the

Institutional Surveys  The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) designs, develops and
administers research projects at the Institutional, Division and Unit levels. Contact our office if
you are interested in designing a research project that will promote student success.

To ensure consistency in reporting, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is the College’s
official source of institutional data. IE coordinates the collection and reporting of data for a
variety of external and internal purposes (e.g., Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board,
IPEDS, and the Odessa College Institutional Dashboards).