Faculty Senate

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Faculty Senate of Odessa College is to facilitate and to improve the lines of communication between faculty and administration regarding academic and professional affairs. Its objectives are:

  1. to provide a means to improve the communication between and within the various departments with respect to academic and professional matters;
  2. to enhance the role of the faculty in educational and professional decision making and policy making
  3. to provide the teaching faculty with the opportunity to register its voice in the development of academic and professional policy; and
  4. to provide a means to measure and to consider the problems and suggestions of the faculty relative to academic and professional matters.



Brance Davis - Faculty Senate President bdavis@odessa.edu

Samuel Hval - Faculty Senate Vice President shval@odessa.edu

Clint Wilson - Faculty Senate Secretary cwilson@odessa.edu


Health Sciences

Geneo Roberts - Nursing groberts@odessa.edu

Joshua Hardt - Geology jhardt@odessa.edu

Thebuwana Jayarathne - Chemistry tjayarathne@odessa.edu

Business & Industry

Donna Kilgore - Cosmetology dkilgore@odessa.edu

Robert Collins - Welding rcollins@odessa.edu

Liberal Arts and Education

Gwendolyn Davies - Photography gdavies@odessa.edu

Ivie Ero - Speech iero@odessa.edu

Brian Christopher - Mathematics bchristopher@odessa.edu

Kelly Smith - History ksmith@odessa.edu