Ways to Give


There are many ways to make a positive impact.

When you invest in OC with gifts of cash, appreciated securities, real property or through an estate gift, you are ensuring continuity of educational excellence at Odessa College. Listed below a few of the ways in which you can partner with OC to have both short and long term impacts on the educational experience and goals of our students.

If you would like to discuss options for giving, please call 432.335.6648.

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Gifts to Support Student Scholarships

Each year, we are challenged by a growing number of students needing financial assistance. Scholarships provide aid for hundreds of students in our community who would otherwise not be able to attend Odessa College.


Endowment funds are gifts in perpetuity. The funds, which are commingled with one another, are invested to achieve a high return on investment for its endowment donors. The Foundation is dependent upon the vision and generosity of individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations to ensure its future through support of existing and establishment of new endowment funds. New endowment donors may name their endowments.

Planned Gifts

We hope you will remember OC in your gift planning process. There are many ways to make a lasting commitment to the college and its students. Planned gifts can provide tremendous benefit to the college while helping you to save taxes, increase your income and pass your estate onto your heirs.

Memorial & Tribute Gifts

Give a gift in loving memory of a friend or family member, to commemorate a special occasion or to recognize a favorite faculty member. This is a wonderful way to pay tribute to those who are dear to you. Please be sure to give us the names and contact information of friends and loved ones and we will send notification recognizing your generosity.

Matching Gifts

Many businesses and corporations offer a matching gifts program to their employees. By including your company’s matching gift form with your donation, you can double, or even triple, the size of your gift. 

Appreciated Stock & Securities

Transferring of stock or publicly traded securities is a popular way to invest in the future of OC. Gifts of appreciated securities are advantageous to donors because they do not call for federal capital gains taxes if the security has been held for more than one year.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Policies offer a convenient way to make a charitable gift to Odessa College and donors may choose from a wide range of policy types. When the policy is purchased and Odessa College is named as owner and beneficiary, the entire amount of the annual premium is tax deductible.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable trusts are advantageous for donors. A trust is a legal entity created to hold and manage particular assets for the benefit of a person or organization. Establishing a charitable trust can produce a higher income for the donor. Various assets can be placed in these trusts, especially assets that have increased in value but produce little or no income.

Will or Revocable Trust

Estate planning provides a long-term benefit for the college. Making a bequest to Odessa College not only impacts the future success of the college, but it reduces the taxable estate and often lowers the estate’s tax liability for the donor. Bequests can be designated for a particular interest such as a discipline, building, or scholarship. Personal or memorial endowments are frequently established through a will or trust.