Massage Therapy Program



Massage Therapists can work out of the home, in health care organizations (physician’s office, hospital, clinics, etc.), nursing homes, health clubs and fitness centers, spas and resorts, beauty and hair salons, cruise ships, and for sports teams and special events.

They treat clients by using touch to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. A massage from a massage therapist can relieve pain, help heal joints, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and improve the general wellness of clients.

Massage Therapists talk with the clients about symptoms, medical history, and their desired results. In addition, they may also provide guidance on stretching, strengthening, overall relaxation, and how to improve their posture.

Since Massage Therapists need to practice on different body types, participation at limited community events may be required throughout the program in addition to the Clinical Internship. During the Clinical Internship, both weekdays and weekends may be required. 


Course Prerequisite: Complio Account

Course Recommendation: Electronic Device with access to the Internet


The Odessa College Massage Therapy program is recognized by AMTA, NCBTMB, and FSMTB.

The $265 MBLEx Exam Fee will be included in the tuition starting Fall 2022.

Students will incur additional license related fees after program completion. Those fees are currently $34.00 Jurisprudence Exam, $100 TDLR Application Fee, and Fingerprinting $39.05.  

A digital certificate of completion will be issued into Complio after the student completes the Massage Therapy Program. A physical copy may be picked up at the Continuing Education office. 

Please scroll through the entire web page as many of the frequently asked questions are answered below. Also, please refer to the Resources section at the bottom of the webpage for more valuable information. If you still are in need of additional assistance, please call the Continuing Education office at 432.335.6580 or email us

Want to know the Massage Therapist Career Outlook?

United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics – Massage Therapist

To make our programs more beneficial to students, this year we have bundled the Textbooks, Scrubs, Supply Fees, and the Exam Voucher into the tuition!

By packaging these items into the tuition students can now have these items covered by grant and scholarship funds for a lower out of pocket expense.

We also have payment plans available so you can get started training for your new career sooner!

Have enrollment questions? Please call our office at 432.335.6580 or email at

Course Info:

Classes Starting Fall 2023

  • Duration: 48 Weeks
  • Class Size: 6 Min/12 Max
  • Cost: $6,000 (Includes Textbooks, Scrubs, and MBLEx Testing Fee)
  • Down payment: $1000
  • Hours: 600 Classroom/Skills Lab Hours, 50 Clinical Internship Hours; there is an online component to this course
  • Prerequisite: Complio Account
  • Adult Evening Classes:
    • TBD
      • Classroom/Skills Lab – MONDAY – THURSDAY  6pm-10pm
      • Clinical Internship – MONDAY – SATURDAY 6pm-10pm TBD 

What do I need to register?

In response to COVID-19, the Health Careers Pre-Registration process has been moved to a Document Tracking Service called COMPLIO! Once you upload your documents, you will have access to them through Complio for a lifetime! The Certificate of Completion will also be accessible through this system when the students have completed a Health Careers program. This pre-registration service will cost $97 for Odessa residents and $109 for students in Extension Sites. This cost for the Bundle includes the required Background Check and Drug Screen costs. Please ensure you have all of the items listed on the Checklist prior to purchase. Also, be mindful that the drug screen order will expire within 30 days of creating an account. Please review COMPLIO's non-refundable policy prior to purchase. You will need to submit the following documentation:

  • Adult Learner Checklist 
  • Checklist may say Non-CNA Learner or other classification; the checklist is correct. 
  • COMPLIO How to Guide & Tutorial will provide you with examples of how to enter your documentation. If you are ready to submit your documents click the link below to create a COMPLIO account.
  • A Customer Service chat is available after an account is created or you can call 1-800-200-0853 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm (MT) for assistance. Click Here to Submit Documents to COMPLIO

Please enter your information into Complio how you want it to appear on your Certificate of Completion and input the email address where you wish to receive email communication from the college.  

Make sure your scrubs fit! Come by the Gregory D. Williams Hall located at 2714 Robertson Ave and try on available sample sizes before completing your size selection in Complio. 

I am Compliant with COMPLIO and have met all the enrollment requirements. What’s next?

Call the Continuing Education Department at 432-335-6580 to enroll AFTER you have received an email from COMPLIO stating you are “Compliant” and have met the registration requirements. Our team will verify your compliance and enroll you in a Health Careers course.

Within 48 hours of enrolling tuition or payment plan must be initiated. Please use the link below to start your program payment plan. Out team can also accept payment over the phone with a credit card at 432-335-6580.

Payment Plan Link

What do I need prior to the first day of class?

Students need to access their Blackboard account prior to the first day if possible. 

During the first week of class you will be sized and receive your scrubs soon thereafter. Our programs require students to wear Galaxy Blue scrubs to class and clinical. Come by the Gregory D. Williams Hall located at 2714 Robertson Ave and try on available sample sizes before completing your size selection in Complio. 

Most classes have the textbook and course materials available through Blackboard. However, some classes have a physical textbook. You may need to obtain a textbook, which is included in your tuition, through the Odessa College Bookstore 432-335-6655. 


*Course offerings are subject to restrictions and/or guidelines issued by local, state, and national government entities in response to pandemics, evacuations, natural disasters, inclement weather events, or any other circumstance that may affect the school’s ability to hold class. This may include damage to buildings, equipment failure, technology failures, or any safety concerns that may develop. Classes, courses, and/or programs may be moved, postponed, or cancelled as Odessa College deems necessary to remain operational and in compliance with such restrictions or guidelines. Students should refer to Blackboard or reach out to their instructor for further direction. Classes will mostly likely resume in an online format until otherwise notified.


Helpful Videos:

Complio Overview

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Massage Therapy Schedule


*Offerings are subject to restrictions and/or guidelines issued by local, state, and national government entities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Classes, courses, and/or programs may be postponed or cancelled as Odessa College determines necessary to remain in compliance with such restrictions or guidelines.