The Odessa College Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) Pathways Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency initiative provides instruction in basic reading, writing, math and life-coping skills for adults who have not achieved a twelfth grade level of education. Instruction in the AEL Pathways system is individualized to allow each student to work at his or her own level, and AEL Pathways students have access to an advanced online software and computer lab. Academic counselors and computer-assisted instructors help ensure that upon successful completion of the curriculum, AEL Pathways students will be well-prepared to take the Texas Certificate of High School Literacy (TXCHSE) exam - formerly known as the GED. After passing the TXCHSE tests, the student receives a High School Equivalency certificate from the Texas Education Agency.

Just as importantly, the Adult Education & Literacy program provides students an opportunity to learn the skills necessary for survival in today's workplace and in their personal lives, as well as preparing them for the TXCHSE tests.

TXCHSE Classes are also available at our Extension Sites.

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Class Schedule Information

Free Texas Certificate of High School Literacy (TXCHSE) - formerly GED - sessions are offered five times per year.  Students must complete a 45 minute registration and orientation session.  Students must take assessment test to determine appropriate classes.

Upcoming registration dates and class schedules: