What is a BAAS degree?

BAAS stands for Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences. The BAAS incorporates a multidisciplinary approach that provides options making this a great degree for students interested in developing expertise in more than one discipline or career objective.


Am I eligible to enroll in the BAAS program?

To be eligible for the BAAS degree program you must:

  • Have earned and received an Associates of Applied Arts and Sciences (AAS) in a technical area, and
  • Hold a 2.0 GPA or better, or
  • Be within 15 hours of completing an AAS to enroll in the program and hold a 2.0 GPA.


I have an Associate degree but not an AAS. Can I still enroll in the BAAS program?

Having your Associate Degree in another concentration is not a barrier to the BAAS program. Leveling courses are available to bridge you to an AAS. Contact a Student Success Coach to discuss your enrollment and course transfer options.


How do I apply to the BAAS programs?

You can apply online through the Apply Texas Website at You will need to first fill out your biographical information. Then choose the 2-year college application option. Next select Odessa College. On the “Select School” screen you will choose “Bachelor of Arts and Applied Sciences” from the dropdown menu. You will then select the BAAS degree program you are interested in on the “Select Major” screen. Those selecting the BAAS in Automation degree program should be aware that it is a competitive entry program.

Once your application has been received you will need to be sure to submit an official copy of your college transcript showing the completion of an associate of applied science degree to Odessa College. This can be sent via an electronic transcript service such as National Student Clearinghouse or Parchment, submitted in person in a sealed envelope coming directly from the educational institution or you can request that it be mailed to the Odessa College Records Office, 201 W University Blvd., Odessa, Texas 79764. 

Once your application has been processed you will be admitted to Odessa College as a Pre-BAAS student. Now it’s time to visit with your Student Success Coach (Advisor) to continue with the degree planning and registration process. 


Are tuition costs higher for the BAAS program?

No. Tuition rates are the same whether you are pursuing an AAS degree or the BAAS. Earning your bachelors degree at OC is a more affordable high-quality option for continuing your education when compared to a 4-year college or university.


Can I use financial aid and scholarships to pay for the BAAS program?

Yes. Financial aid and scholarships can be used for tuition and other educational related cost leading toward the BAAS degree.


Is a BAAS degree from a community college different than a BAAS from a 4 year university?

No. The OC BAAS degree is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC). SACSCOC is the recognized regional accrediting body for institutions of higher education that award associate, baccalaureate, masters and doctoral degrees. Earning your BAAS at OC means you earn a degree that is recognized by the same agencies that accredit other four year colleges and universities.


Can I earn college credit for job experience or military service?

Not at this time.


What if I don’t have an AAS degree?

You must be within 15 hours of completing an AAS to enroll in the program. However, previous courses taken at OC or another college or university may transfer as credit and get you closer to earning the degree or the hours you need to get you enrolled in the BAAS program.


How long does it take to earn the BAAS degree?

Every student’s journey is different. However, the established pathway provides a timeline to comfortably complete the program in 2 years.


Can I continue on my Masters degree with the BAAS degree?

Graduate school admittance is based on the prerequisite courses required by the program. Check with the institution to which you are applying for clarification.


Can I get tuition reimbursement from my employer?

Many employers provide tuition reimbursement to OC students. Contact your human resources department to see if they offer tuition reimbursement.


Who are the instructors for the BAAS program?

Our BAAS instructors hold masters and doctoral degrees. You will learn theory and practice from instructors that are industry leaders and innovators who merge professional experiences and firsthand knowledge into an academically rigorous curriculum.