Veterans Honor Cord Ceremony

On Tuesday, families and friends joined eight military veterans graduating from Odessa College on Saturday, May 13 for the Odessa College Veterans Honor Cord Ceremony. A family member – father, wife, son, daughter, or other relative – accompanied their veteran to the front of the Joe Zant Jr. Community Room, where Odessa College President Gregory D. Williams assisted in the draping of a red, white and blue honor cord around each veteran’s neck. Dr. Williams personally draped graduating Marine Corps veteran Jeremy Roberts, who was the featured student speaker for the evening.

In his closing remarks to all the graduating veterans, Dr. Williams congratulated them for their service to our country and their success in completing their degree. “We are proud of you as you go forward. Remember that wherever you go, as well as being a veteran, you represent Odessa College – one of the four top community colleges in the nation – and you can be proud of that.”

The veterans who received their honor cords at the ceremony are, from left to right:

Shanen Davis, Navy;  Michelle H. Pfalzgraf, Army;  Jorge A. Enriquez, Navy;  Mario Padilla, Army;  Mark Cates, Army;  Leandra Alanna Alonzo, Army;  Jeremy Chad Roberts, Marine Corps;  Carrie Kristine Snell, Army.

Veterans Honor Cord Ceremony