Page's Donation Provides Scholarships and Support

Harvey and Peggy Page continue to show their support for Odessa College student-athletes through a generous $100,000 gift to the Odessa College Wrangler Club. 


The Harvey and Peggy Page donation will provide support and scholarship to Odessa College’s successful NJCAA Division I men’s golf program.  Over the history of the OC golf program, Odessa College has captured nine national titles – the most titles of any two-year college in the country. On May 11-15, 2020, once again, Odessa College and the Odessa community will host the 2020 NJCAA National Golf Tournament at the Odessa Country Club.


“The Odessa College golf program is very appreciative of this generous contribution from Harvey and Peggy Page.  This donation will be a game changer for the golf program at OC,” stated Odessa College Head Golf Coach Paul Chavez.  “On behalf of the college, the Wrangler Club and the students we serve, our Athletic Director Wayne Baker also extends a heartfelt thanks to the Page family for their generosity and continued support.”


The Page family lived in Odessa for 35 years, as Harvey was the President and CEO of Ref-Chem, a petrochemical engineering corporation headquartered in Odessa.  Harvey and Peggy Page have since retired to Round Rock, Texas, but they still maintain ties in the community.  Regarding the donation, Harvey Page stated, “We recognize how successful the golf program has been on the national level, and have always appreciated the attention the golf program brings to Odessa, Texas.  It is our intent that the Odessa College golf program will continue to be recognized as a premier program within the USA.”


Page served on the Foundation Board of Odessa College during the 1980s.  Both he and Peggy are well acquainted with the efforts of Odessa College to support the community, education, the workforce, and collegiate sports.  “Odessa College always assisted Ref-Chem with the training of future employees, plus internships with current employees and has been a leader for many years in providing trained and qualified employees to the businesses within the Odessa Community and surrounding service area”.