30 for 30 Fitness Challenge® Grand Finale

The Grand Finale of the 30 for 30 Fitness Challenge® is the annual celebration of the completion of the challenge.


Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner, Maribea Merritt, 1st Runner Up, Shari Hamilton, 2nd Runner Up, Lyzz Paredes, Team Fantastic 4, and School Winner, Gonzales Elementary! 

More than 2800 participants registered this year for 30for30. 

Prizes for each of the winners are as follow:

  • Grand Prize – 7-Night Caribbean Cruise for 4 people
  • Finale 1st Runner Up Prize – “Pick Your Prize” Ultimate Indoor Kitchen Package or Ultimate Outdoor Camping Package
  • Finale 2nd Runner Up Prize – Home Relaxation Package
  • Team Challenge Prize –$1000 to the Winning Team
  • ECISD School Challenge Prize –$1000 donated to the Top-Ranked Elementary School

At the Finale, the Grand Prize winner and the first and second runners-up were drawn from the group of 10 finalists.