FBCU 2020 Calendar Photography Contest Winners

11 of the 20 finalists are OC Photography students who will have their work showcased in the 2020 First Basin Credit Union 2020 Calendar. 


20 finalists, who were chosen by a jury from among all the photographers who submitted entries for the 2020 First Basin Credit Union Calendar, 11 of the finalist are current or past Odessa College Photography students. 

The 2020 First Basin Credit Union Calendar will feature the winner's pictures. 

Congratulations to the First Basin Credit Union Calendar Finalists:

Jan – Brooke Notgrass - OC

Feb – Caleb Jordan - OC

Mar – Heidi Agular  - OC

Apr – Tanisha Hutson – OC

May – Yavuz Karanfil – OC

Jun – Kathleen Mahoney – OC

Jul – Marybel Rincon – OC

Aug – Melanie Sendejo – OC

Sep -  Valery Aguirre – UTPB

Oct – Alex Yashchenko – UTPB

Nov – Tandy Poindexter – OC (also the cover image)

Dec – Tanya Eskander - OC

The photography contest winners and calendar photo reveal took place at the Odessa College Saulsbury Campus Center, in the Zant Community Room.