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Odessa College Educator Preparation Program Overview

As more teachers are needed in the Permian Basin, Odessa College provides an opportunity for those who possess at least a bachelor’s degree/training and work experience and are interested in a teaching career in the state of Texas. Odessa College’s Educator Preparation Program (EPP) is recently state approved and offers alternative teacher certifications for Core Subjects with STR EC-6, Trade & Industrial Education 6-12, and Health Sciene Technologies 6-12.

Individuals interested in obtaining an alternate teaching certification must be free of felony or misdemeanor convictions for any crime directly related to the duties and responsibilities of the teaching profession.

Individuals entering a private, public or charter school as a student observer, substitute teacher or teacher of record will be required to undergo a background check by the school district. Some criminal history may prohibit you from entering the schools.

Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation

Based on your self-reported criminal history, a Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation (PCHE) may be requested from the Texas Education Agency. This service, if requested, is in addition to the required criminal history background check completed by HIRERIGHT. Once completed, the Texas Education Agency will provide you with an evaluation letter regarding your potential eligibility to obtain a Texas educator certificate. The cost of the evaluation is $50, payable directly to the Texas Education Agency and is non-refundable. 

Additional information can be found online at: 

The Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation may be requested at:    

Are you ready to Teach?

If you have a passion for working with children and believe that the value of helping them reach their learning potential carries rewards that are immeasurable, then the OC Educator Preparation Program is for you. Once approved and accredited by the State Board for Educator Certification, our program will guide you through a well-defined pathway toward Texas Standard Teacher Certification.

The OC Educator Preparation Program is designed for individuals who possess at least a bachelor’s degree and are interested in becoming a certified teacher in the state of Texas. The OC Educator Preparation Program strives to create an inclusive environment that welcomes and values diversity reflecting the demographic make up of the students of Texas. We foster fairness, equity, and inclusion to create an educational environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Just see how rewarding it can be teaching for a living! The OC EPP trains individuals for Texas standard certification in elementary and secondary education. If you are unsure whether you meet all the qualifications, please feel free to contact us to discuss your situation.


Phone: 432-335-6501

Choose Your Path

The Educator Preparation Program at OC currently offers certifications in the following areas:

Core Subjects with STR EC-6
Trade & Industrial Education 6-12
Health Science Technologies 6-12

How long is the program?

The teacher certification program is a two-year program:

  • The first year is completion of required state curriculum, 30 hours of field based experiences and required testing for state licensure. All must be completed prior to clinical teaching or internship.
  • The second year is completion of an internship or clinical teaching, as defined below.
    • Clinical teaching is a 14-week, non-paid experience in an approved TEA private, charter, or public school. If you are a teacher's aide, you may complete your clinical teaching while you complete your job duties.
    • An internship involves having a contract with an approved TEA private, charter, or public school for one academic year or 180 days as a teacher of record. The candidate receives first year's teacher salary, benefits, and teacher retirement.
    • Both of these experiences are completed under the supervision of the OC Educator Preparation Program.

Entry Requirements

The following admissions and administrative procedures must be completed to be considered as a candidate for the program:

A Bachelor's degree from an accredited university
A minimum GPA of 2.75
An interview with the OC Educator Preparation Program Director.
An official score from TOEFL English Proficiency exam, if your native language is not English. Score of 24 on Speaking, 22 on Listening, 22 on Reading, and 21 on Writing.
A completed application for admission into the Educator Preparation Program
Official transcripts & High School diplomas from all Colleges and Universities attended
Any licenses & certifications

After the application process is completed, the candidate will be notified on the decision for admission into the program.

If your degree is from out of country, you must have your degree translated by an approved TEA vendor to ensure it is equivalent to a US degree.

Get Started Now!

Complete an OC online application; send official transcripts reflecting a conferred bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 2.75 overall or in the last 60 hours and arrange for a personal interview.

Out-of-Country applicants need to have their transcripts evaluated and pass the TOEFL with scores of Speaking 24; Listening 22; Reading 22, Writing 21.

Once certified, Texas Standard Certificates are renewable every five years, provided you have completed required continuing professional education (CPE) credits.



The Mission of the OC Educator Preparation Program:

OC Educator Preparation Program commits to students success by providing quality education to aspiring educators. Our program equips program participants with the skills, competencies, knowledge, and cultural responsiveness necessary to provide effective student-centered classroom instruction to all learners. Participants will possess intellectual and personal integrity. 

The Vision of the OC Educator Preparation Program: 

OC EPP will transform EC-12 Education, in the Permian Basin and surrounding areas, by educating, coaching, and mentoring highly qualified, dynamic educators to provide rigorous, data-driven, diverse, best practice instruction that will accommodate the needs of all learners in a constantly evolving world.

OC EPP  is considered an alternative certification program. It is designed primarily to prepare students for employment as an educator at the primary or secondary level. Upon successful completion, candidates receive a recommendation for their Standard Texas Educator Certificate.

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