Paralegal Studies

The paralegal studies curriculum was developed to qualify men and women for positions as assistants or aides to the legal profession and to upgrade the qualifications of legal support personnel. Upon completion of this curriculum, the paralegal graduate will qualify to work under the supervision of a lawyer and may perform such duties as case screening, investigation and evaluation, detail work pertaining to probate matters, income tax returns, searching public records and court files, office management, accounting, library service, preparation of legal memoranda, servicing and filing of legal documents and preparing legal forms. There is no unique curriculum for students planning to pursue a career in law. Generally, a liberal arts education is preferred. To insure that the pre-law student enrolls in the proper courses, the student must consult with the prelaw advisor at the accepting four-year college prior to registration each semester. The associate of applied science degree requirements listed under Degree Requirements (refer to index) will serve as a basic curriculum guide. The student is encouraged to take elective course work from the paralegal studies program as part of a pre-law degree. Again, seek assurance from the accepting four-year pre-law advisor at the senior college that course work from the paralegal studies program will transfer.


Paralegal Studies Courses

Course of Study for Associate in Applied Science Degree – Paralegal Studies


Justin Bateman, J.D. 
Associate Professor of Paralegal Studies, Associate Department Chair of Business Professions and Computer Science 
Office: Sedate Hall 219
Phone: (432) 335-6468