Energy Technology

Skilled energy technology workers are in high demand in residential, commercial, and technical settings. Students who go through the Energy Technology program can gain employment, especially in the oil and gas industry. Students will be prepared to enter these high demand workforce areas with broad-based training in electrical, instrumentation, programmable logic controls, automation, and motor control. Students in the Energy Technology program have the option of following a plan for an Associate in Applied Science degree (A.A.S.), a Level I and\or Level II certificate of Energy Technology. Certificates are designed to train students to be proficient in both electrical and instrumentation fields. It is possible for full-time students to complete a Level I certificate and a Level II certificate in one year. Individuals already employed in the fields of instrumentation and electrical will increase or update their technical knowledge and skills by enrolling in specialized energy technology courses (NOTE: some courses have prerequisites). 


Energy Technology Courses

Course of Study for Associate in Applied Science Degree – Instrumentation and Electrical Technology

Evening Class Offerings

Spring 2017 Full Schedule

Spring 2017 1st and 2nd 8 weeks


Armin Rashvand
Dept. Chair & Instructor
Office: Electronics Technology (ET) 204
Phone: 432-335-6309

Danny Bailey
Associate Professor II, Electrical/Instrumentation
Office: Electronics Technology (ET) 205
Phone: 432-335-6832