Business Administration and Leadership

Business administration is a broad field of study and contains many possible majors. Courses offered include those required by senior colleges at the freshman and sophomore levels to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Science in business administration or a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in a specific undergraduate study, such as accounting. A business major should be aware of the opportunities, requirements and obligations in various majors of specialization so that a proper choice for study can be made. Students should reserve the decision of choosing an area of emphasis depending on their own abilities and interests. Suggested fields of study include accounting, advertising, banking, finance, business, teaching, various phases of management, insurance, retailing, marketing and statistical analysis. The department also offers courses that may be directly applicable to those already employed but wish to upgrade their job skills or meet certification requirements for their particular vocation. 


Business Administration Courses

Business Leadership Courses

Course of Study for Associate in Arts Degree – Business Administration (Field of Study)

Course of Study for Associate in Applied Arts Degree – Business Leadership

Course of Study for Associate in Applied Arts - Business Leadership - Small Business Management

Kelby Davis, MPA
Department Chair
Office: Sedate Hall 226
Phone: (432) 335-6454
Tanya Griffith
Assistant Professor, Accounting
Office: Sedate Hall 223
Phone: (432) 335-6521

Steve Smith, MA, MBA
Assistant Professor II, Business Leadership
Office: Sedate Hall 209
Phone: (432) 335-6486
Jesika Smith
Assistant Professor, Business Leadership
Office: Sedate Hall 211
Phone: (432) 335-6519

Dr. Oscar Gonzales, DBA
Assistant Professor II, Business Leadership
Office: Sedate Hall 208
Phone: (432) 335-6488