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Employers readily identify communication skills among the most sought after needs for new and existing employees. The Communication Department at Odessa College exists to support students in learning these skills and in preparing them to apply them to the marketplace and/or in their pursuit of advanced degrees. All of our courses have a heavy emphasis on media literacy, rhetorical analysis and public communication skills. We specialize in preparing students for further studies at transfer institutions in a variety of disciplines. However we also emphasize skills and training to prepare students to function as adept communicators on work teams, as public speakers and adept media specialists. We offer two degree programs.

The AA in Mass Communication  prepares students to be advanced communicators in the digital age. The program emphasizes the convergence of mass media, digital communication and communication technology. Students in this program will study both the effect of media on culture and how to construct visual, oral and written messages that are appropriate in the rapidly changing landscape of mass media today. Half of the time in the program is spent studying communication theory and media literacy. The other half of the program focuses on constructing messages that are appropriate in various communication contexts including: social media, blogging, film, radio and television. Students apply these skills by creating professional portfolios in their chosen area of emphasis which includes writing, screenwriting, photography and digital/electronic writing. Students who have an interest in corporate training, business, photography, fine arts, film, marketing, publishing, journalism and media are well served by the progression of courses offered in the AA in Mass Communication. Program ICOS: Communication, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Social Responsibility The AA in Speech and Rhetorical Studies  prepares students for further studies in Communication and/or careers that require a focus on communication proficiency. The program is evenly balanced to include studies in classic rhetorical theory and contemporary culture. Every course in the department includes training in rhetorical criticism, communication theory, public presentation skills and media literacy. Our rhetorical studies focus emphasizes critical thinking and communication with an intention of specifically preparing students to complete four year degrees at transfer institutions. Our majors also learn professional communication skills that are highly adaptable in the marketplace. Our speech majors complete portfolios that include components in corporate training, motivational and persuasive speaking. We also include a heavy emphasis in small group communication and teamwork.

Students who pursue degrees in speech are well prepared for careers in business, leadership, marketing, law, education and politics because the skills they learn are quite diverse. Program ICOs: Communication, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Personal Responsibility Communication majors are very commonly listed among the top 5 majors that employers seek when hiring new candidates. We highly recommend that our students pursue double majors when possible so that their skills can be applied in diverse settings. Our department works very well with other departments and will make efforts to contextualize our program of study within other chosen academic disciplines. 

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Communications Courses

Course of Study for Associate in Arts Degree – Mass Communication

Course of Study for Associate in Arts Degree – Speech and Rhetorical Studies


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