Social Sciences

The social sciences deal with the three basic relationships that mankind has dealt with since time began. These relationships involve man with his fellow man (economics, government, and history), man with God (religion) and man with himself (philosophy). No one can challenge the effect that philosophers, historical events, political and social theories, economic ideas and religious concepts have had on mankind.

The four-semester curricula outlined below lead to an associate in arts degree in the social sciences. Courses are offered in religion, but they should be taken as electives only. Students desiring to major in religion should consult with the senior college or upper-level institution to which they will transfer regarding transferability of courses. The social sciences provide students with analytical tools needed for effective participation in a democratic society; they also open doors to various career opportunities. A background in the social sciences is particularly suitable to government employment, international relations, teaching, and the law.


Social Sciences Courses

Course of Study for Associate in Arts Degree – Social Sciences


Mystic R Jordan 
Department Chair of Social and Behavioral Science
Office: Wilkerson Hall 240
Phone: 432-335-6658

Debbie Magrehan
Assistant Professor II Psychology/Sociology 
Office: Wilkerson Hall 242
Phone: 432-335-6546

Megan Gooding
Instructor Social Sciences
Office: Wilkerson Hall 228

Blair Roberts
Assistant Professor of  Economics
Office: CTE 133
Phone: 432-335-6829

Dr. Brian K Dille
Professor of Government
Office: Wilkerson Hall 241
Phone: 432-335-6592

Dr. Daniel M. Regalado
Professor of Government and History
Office: WILK 227
Phone: 432-335-6884

Robert Glen Findley
Assistant Professor of Government and History
Office: Wilkerson Hall 239
Phone: 432-335-6591

Dr. James Myers
Professor of History and Government
Office: Wilkerson Hall 229
Phone: 432-335-6586

Mrs. Delma J. Abalos
Instructor of History 
Office: Wilkerson 230
Phone: 432-335-6862