Psychology and Sociology

The psychology/sociology department offers freshmanand sophomore-level courses in psychology and sociology with a wide selection for both disciplines. The science of psychology studies human development and behavior throughout the lifespan, learning, thinking and mood states, gender differences, and relationships. Students are introduced to methodology, critical thinking, and application of psychological principles to everyday life.

Career paths offer students a wide selection of occupations including neuropsychology, clinical practice, research, teaching, industrial/ organizational and communications. Psychology majors may choose between an associate of arts or an associate of science degree. Sociology is the study of groups, behavior and society. Sociological issues include culture, critical analyses of major social institutions, race and ethnicity, gender and age, human sexuality, deviance and crime, groups and interaction, population and the environment, theories and the scientific method. Career paths offer students many opportunities in government, business, academia, law enforcement, communications, research, and medical and gerontological occupations. Psychology/sociology majors are encouraged to organize their degree plans with the assistance and advice of the department chair and Student Success Coach. It is the responsibility of the student to forecast the transferability of his/her degree plan to university curricula.


Psychology and Sociology Courses

Course of Study for Associate in Arts Degree – Psychology

Course of Study for Associate in Arts Degree – Sociology


Mystic Jordan
Department Chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Associate Professor II in Psychology
Office: Wilkerson Hall (WH) 240
Phone: 432.335.6658

Jay Schwarz
Psychology and Sociology Associate Professor I
Office: Wilkerson Hall (WH) 211
Phone: 432.335.6308