Language and World Cultures

Language makes us human, not only raising us above a mere animal-like existence but also allowing us to create societies and culture by shaping and controlling our thought. Language is fundamental not only to our survival and progress but also to the form of our literary creations; it reflects the heritage and dignity of the human condition. The English department, therefore, is committed to providing comprehensive instruction in composition an literature and creating the finest educational opportunities possible for students who have the desire and ability to learn. Specifically, it provides the first two years of English and pre-professional courses for transfer students, occupational/technical writing courses for students in specialized vocational fields, developmental and general education to prepare students for the TSIA and other state-approved alternate tests and higher level writing and critical thinking skills, courses to meet various community needs, and opportunities for personal enrichment. In sum, the English department offers excellence in its courses, services and practices. It affirms equal access for all individuals within the diverse student population and approaches all endeavors with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.


Langauge and World Culture Courses

Course of Study for Associate in Arts Degree – English Major

Course of Study for Associate in Arts Degree  Foreign Language (Spanish) Major


Arthur Rankin
Department Chair, Language and World Cultures
Office: Wilkerson Hall (WH) 134
Phone: 432-335-6531

Almudena Auguirre-Romero
Office: Wilkerson Hall (WH) 133
Phone: 432-335-6547

Matt Carpenter
ENGL/Writing Center
Office: Wilkerson Hall (WH) 141
Phone: 432-335-6536

B. Forsyth
Office: Wilkerson Hall (WH) 129
Phone: 432-335-6661

Laura Holder
Office: Wilkerson Hall (WH) 124
Phone: 432-335-6551