Geology is a study of the Earth, its history, materials, changing life, and the processes that have resulted in its present form. For students who do not wish more than a year of geology, the principal value will be primarily on an increased interest in and understanding of their environment. However, for those majoring in geology, petroleum or civil engineering, and ecological or environmental studies, the first year of geology courses provides necessary background for further study. GEOL 1403 and GEOL 1404 will serve as a required physical and/or natural science for non-science majors at most universities.

Images from the Physical Geology Field Trip on Saturday, November 7, 2015.

Geology Field Trip

Students: Porchia Brazell, Jr. Bello, Yunexy Diaz, Kate Laughlin, and Marcus Rico. (Mr. Dennis Edwards (Geology Instructor)).

The trip to Alpine/Ft. Davis included the Davis Mountain Loop – Mitre Peak, The Barillos Dome, McDonald Observatory (group photo), Madera Canyon, and Sawtooth Mt.


Geology Courses

Course of Study for Associate in Science Degree – Geology


Dr. James J. Bolton
Department Chair, Sciences

Office: Wood Building 320
Phone: 432-335-6738

Dennis Edwards 
Instructor of Geology
Office: Wood Building of Math and Science, 204
Phone: 432-335-6558