Odessa College Personnel Directory (Department)

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On-Campus : Dial the number as shown.
Off-Campus: Dial 335 plus the extension for direct access.

Odessa is located in Area Code 432
You may click the name of a faculty member to see their office hours.
For the campus operator, dial 335-6400.          

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Name Title Office Phone Number E-Mail Address
Casias, Leticia Budget & Grants Accountant ADM-103B 432.335.6440 lcasias@odessa.edu
Gibbs, Kristi Controller ADM-103 432.335.6663 kgibbs@odessa.edu
Ham, Brandy Executive Director of Financial Services ADM-103C 432.335.6651 bham@odessa.edu
Sanchez, Monica Accounting Clerk ADM-103 432.335.6503 msanchez@odessa.edu
Wooldridge, Cynthia Campus Cashier ADM-103 432.335.6504 cwooldridge@odessa.edu
ADN Nursing
Albe, Martha Instructor Nursing CT-212 432.335.6408 salbe@odessa.edu
Chapman Williamson, Patty Associate Professor II Nursing CT-214 432.335.6470 pwilliamson@odessa.edu
Cockrell, Linda Instructor Nursing CT-200B 432.335.6556 lcockrell@odessa.edu
Gatson, Zassar Associate Professor I Nursing CT-209 432.335.6333 zgatson@odessa.edu
Hawkins, Margaret Assistant Professor Nursing CT-226B 432.335.6448 mhawkins@odessa.edu
Kipple, Mary Associate Professor I Nursing CT-203 432.335.6460 mkipple@odessa.edu
Shaw, Sandra Instructor Nursing CT-213 432.335.6670 sshaw@odessa.edu
Stone, Barbara Assistant Professor Nursing CT-221C 432.335.6458 bstone@odessa.edu
Williams, Durcilla Associate Professor I Nursing 10 Month CT-220A 432.335.6465 dkwilliams@odessa.edu
Adult Basic Education
Carroll, Agatha Coordinator Abe/Ged CEAB-100B 432.335.6385 acarroll@odessa.edu
Jacobo, Delva Secretary Adult Basic Education E S L CEAB-100 432.335.6380
Lerma, Selsa Director Adult Basic Education CEAB- 432.335.6381 slerma@odessa.edu
Lujan, Monica Secretary Adult Basic Education CEAB-100-D 432.335.6383 mlujan@odessa.edu
Matta, Irma Secretary Adult Basic Education CEAB-100-E 432.335.6382 imatta@odessa.edu
Weldon, Thatcher Coordinator English for Speakers of Other Languages CEAB-100-CP 432.335.6384 tweldon@odessa.edu
Lemons, Richard Department Chair Agriculture CT-207 432.335.6335 mlemons@odessa.edu
Andrews Technical Center
Gonzalez, Jose Director Andrews Center ABTC- 432.523.3300 jgonzalez@odessa.edu
Asakawa, Daiken Instructor Art SH-113B 432.335.6358 dasakawa@odessa.edu
Phillips, Barry Associate Professor I Art SH-114 432.335.6490 bphillips@odessa.edu
Phillips, Edwin Professor Art SH-110 432.335.6785 ebphillips@odessa.edu
Sorensen, Daniel Associate Professor I Art dan@danieljared.com
Arts and Sciences Division
Acosta, Diane Associate Dean of Arts and Science CT-100B 432.335.6342 dacosta@odessa.edu
Mata, Rita Secretary Dean Arts and Sciences ritaramirez82@gmail.com
Baker, Wesley Director Intercollegiate Athletics SC-213B 432.335.6567 wbaker@odessa.edu
Byrd, Sharee Secretary - Director of Intercollegiate Athletics SC-213 432.335.6574 sbyrd@odessa.edu
Athletic Trainer
Kelly, Jeff Athletic Trainer SC-B-3 432.335.6570 jkelly@odessa.edu
Auto Diesel Technology
Griffith, Jerry Associate Professor II Auto Mechanics AT-101 432.335.6632 jgriffith@odessa.edu
Griffith, Perry Assistant Professor Diesel Mechanics AT-105A 432.335.6603 pgriffith@odessa.edu
Lewallen, Raymond Director of Auto and Diesel Technology DM-102 432.335.6633 rllewallen@odessa.edu
Blessie, Brian Baseball Coach SC-5B 432.335.6850 bblessie@odessa.edu
Parker, Logan Assistant Baseball Coach SC-B5 432.335.6352 lparker@odessa.edu
Basketball, Men's
Arnold, Tra Mens Basketball Coach SC-B-24 432.335.6875 tarnold@odessa.edu
Johnson, Jeffrey Assistant Mens Basketball Coach SC-B25 432.335.6605 jjohnson@odessa.edu
Basketball, Women's
Baten, Ara Womens Basketball Coach SC-B26 432.335.6331 abaten@odessa.edu
Henry, Gabriel Assistant Womens Basketball Coach SC-208B 432.335.6506 ghenry@odessa.edu
Anieto, Ugochukwu Associate Professor II Biology WOOD-321 432.335.6533 ugochukwuaniteto@my.unt.edu
Cooper, Chester Professor Biology WH-129 432.335.6590 ccooper@odessa.edu
Crawford, Thomas Professor Biology WH-127 432.335.6805 tcrawford@odessa.edu
Karns, Tyler Associate Professor II Biology WOOD-314 432.335.6560 tkarns@odessa.edu
Morris, James Associate Professor II Biology WH-102A 432.335.6532 jmorris@odessa.edu
Sofge, Steven Instructor Biology WH-102B 432.335.6361 ssofge@odessa.edu
Stacey, Clovis Instructor Biology WH-130 432.335.6543 cstacey@odessa.edu
Business Admin
Mellon, Patrick Associate Professor I Business Administration SH-204 432.335.6535 pmellon@odessa.edu
Trauten, Jon Assistant Professor Accounting SH-205 432.335.6499 jtrauten@odessa.edu
Call Center
Bishop, Beth Call Center Specialist SUB-212 432.335.6400 bbishop@odessa.edu
Murphy Wilson, Jenni Call Center Manager SUB-213A 432.335.6431 bmurphy@odessa.edu
Reyes, Argelia Call Center Specialist SUB-212 432.335.6897 areyes@odessa.edu
Campus Police
Garza, Fernando Police Officer SPUR-101 432.335.6666 fgarza@odessa.edu
Hoffman, Andrew Police Officer SPUR-101 432.335.6666 ahoffman@odessa.edu
Kager, Robert Police Officer SPUR-101 432.335.6666 rkager@odessa.edu
Miller, Brad Chief of Police SPUR-102 432.335.6811 bsmiller@odessa.edu
Scott, Linda Police Officer SPUR-101 432.335.6666 lscott@odessa.edu
Vasquez, Viviana Police Officer SPUR-101 432.335.6666 vvasquez@odessa.edu
Westfall, Chancey Police Officer SPUR-101 432.335.6666 cwestfall@odessa.edu
Central Services
Lujan, Rebecca Central Services Clerk SPUR-131 432.335.6422 rlujan@odessa.edu
Child Development
Hanson, Mary Department Chair Childhood Development SH-120 432.335.6483 mhanson@odessa.edu
Children's Center
Dominguez, Roxann Teacher SH-127 432.335.6480 rdominguez@odessa.edu
Gordon, Kimberly Teacher Aide SH-132 432.335.6480 kgordon@odessa.edu
Graham, Susan Director of Children's Center SH-132 432.335.6480 sgraham@odessa.edu
Moya, Blanca Teacher Aide SH-118B 432.335.6720 bmoya@odessa.edu
Murray, Sara Teacher SH-126 432.335.6480 smurray@odessa.edu
Riddle, Kimberley Teacher Aide SH-118 432.335.6720 kriddle@odessa.edu
Rimer, Vickie Teacher Aide SH-127 432.335.6480 vrimer@odessa.edu
Rios, Elizabeth Teacher SH-129 432.335.6480 erios@odessa.edu
Rodriguez, Rebecca Teacher Aide SH-126 432.335.6480 rrodriguez@odessa.edu
Rodriguez, Silvia Secretary Children's Center SH-132 432.335.6522 srodriguez@odessa.edu
Sylvas, Velma Teacher SH-124 432.335.6480 vsylvas@odessa.edu
Thomas, Pamela Teacher SH-118B 432.335.6720 pthomas@odessa.edu
Villarreal, Joanne Teacher SH-118 432.335.6720 jvillarreal@odessa.edu
Watson, Ruth Teacher Aide SH-129 432.335.6480 rwomack@odessa.edu
Community Recreation
Williams, Christine Director of Community Recreation Sports Center Coordinator SC-102 432.335.6837 clwilliams@odessa.edu
Computer Information Systems
Jones Munroe, Katrieva Department Chair Computer Information Systems CT-120 A 432.335.6462 kmunroe@odessa.edu
Continuing Education
Aguirre, Rebeca Secretary Continuing Education and Workforce Training DH-101 432.335.6580 raguirre@odessa.edu
Austin, Tracy Director Community Service DH-101D 432.335.6305 taustin@odessa.edu
Clark, Carla Director of Workforce Development DH-103B 432.335.6508 cclark@odessa.edu
Gonzales, Kristal Secretary Continuing Education and Workforce Training DH-101 432.335.6579 kgonzales@odessa.edu
Presley, Katherine Director Allied Health DH-101E 432.335.6539 kpresley@odessa.edu
Weatherford, Cynthia Secretary Continuing Education and Workforce Training DH-101 432.335.6583 cweatherford@odessa.edu
Bright, Machelle Assistant Professor Cosmetology 12 Month COSM-106 432.335.6662 mbright@odessa.edu
Cox, Shawanda Instructor Cosmetology COSM-110 432.335.6524 scox@odessa.edu
Kilgore, Donna Instructor Cosmetology COSM-108 432.335.6888 dkilgore@odessa.edu
Munoz, Leandra Secretary Cosmetology COSM-100 432.335.6452 lmunoz@odessa.edu
Navratil, Shelley Instructor Cosmetology COSM-103 432.335.6434 snavratil@odessa.edu
Shepardson, Cheree Associate Professor I Cosmotology COSM-103A 432.335.6451 cshepardson@odessa.edu
Sovil, Jerrie Department Chair Cosmetology COSM-105 432.335.6452 jsovil@odessa.edu
Culinary Arts
Mitchell, Peter Associate Professor II Culinary Arts SUB-215B 432.335.6525 pmitchell@odessa.edu
Porras, Paul Instructor Culinary Arts CT-100C 432.335.6320 pporras@odessa.edu
Dist.Ed. Support
Leon, Zarina CollegeNow Secretary CT-100 432.335.6476 zleon@odessa.edu
Drafting & Surveying
Wilson, Paul Surveying Instructor SH-215 432.335.6494 pwilson@odessa.edu
Kolokoff, Mark Drama Instructor FA-141B 432.335.6327 mkolokoff@odessa.edu
Electronics & Electronics
Bailey, Danny Department Chair Industrial Technology ET-212 432.335.6832 dbailey@odessa.edu
Barreraz, Pete Associate Professor I Instrumentation ET-207 432.335.6495 pbarreraz@odessa.edu
Cronick, Thomas *Electrical/Instrumentation Instructor ET-101 432.335.6309 tcronick@odessa.edu
Emergency Med Tech
Menchaca, Oscar EMT Instructor EST-110 432.335.6379 omenchaca@odessa.edu
Vaught, Kyle EMS Clinical Coordinator EST-104 432.335.6471 kvaught@odessa.edu
Crawford, Frances English and Foreign Languages Chair/Director of ESL ET-108 432.335.6531 fcrawford@odessa.edu
Forsyth, Beverly Professor English CT-134B 432.335.6661 bforsyth@odessa.edu
Henegar, Christy Instructor English ET-127B 432.335.6551 chenegar@odessa.edu
Hutson, Marshalla Instructor English ET-119A 432.335.6585 mhutson@odessa.edu
Jordan, Mark Professor English CT-134A 432.335.6549 mjordan@odessa.edu
Moody, Catrina Professor English ET-107 432.335.6692 cmoody@odessa.edu
Philpott, Claudia Instructor English ET-106 432.335.6554 cphilpott@odessa.edu
Roth, Julie Associate Professor I English ET-110A 432.335.6572 jroth@odessa.edu
Smith, Donna Professor English ET-105 432.335.6548 dsmith@odessa.edu
Wells, Melissa Instructor English CT-135 432.335.6843 mwells@odessa.edu
Enrollment Services
Delgado, Maryhelen Student Services Specialist SUB-110 432.335.6853 mdelgado@odessa.edu
Gonzales, Louis Executive Director of Enrollment Services SUB-110 432.335.6848 lgonzales@odessa.edu
Hermida, Claudia Enrollment Services Assistant SUB-110 432.335.6849 chermida@odessa.edu
Hilliard, Tracy Assistant Director of Student Support SUB-202I 432.335.6816 thilliard@odessa.edu
Morris, Carolyn Student Services Specialist SUB-110 432.335.6855 cmorris@odessa.edu
Morrow, Amy Student Services Specialist SUB-110 432.335.6851 amorrow@odessa.edu
Morrow, Carol Coordinator of Registration Services SUB-110 432.335.6740 cmorrow@odessa.edu
Porras, Sagrario Student Services Specialist SUB-202 432.335.6432 sporras@odessa.edu
Facility Contracts
Cooke, Fabian Mover and Set Up Technician ADM-104 432.335.6754 fcooke@odessa.edu
Hewitt, Janis Secretary Facilities ADM-104A 432.335.6754 jhewitt@odessa.edu
Jurado, Amador Mover and Set Up Technician ADM-104 432.335.6754 ajurado@odessa.edu
Loya, Leonel Director of Facility Contracts ADM-104C 432.335.6753 lloya@odessa.edu
Fire Technology
Dobmeier, Quentin Fire Emergency Technology Instructor FTTC-107 432.335.6359 qdobmeier@odessa.edu
Valles, Bobby Director of Fire and EMT FTTC-105 432.335.6840 bvalles@odessa.edu
Foreign Language
Aguirre-Romero, Almudena Instructor Foreign Language ET-127A 432.335.6547 maguirre@odessa.edu
Chavez, Christopher Golf Coach/Champion Manager CGC- 432.362.2557 pchavez@odessa.edu
Graham Center
Runer, Gordon Graham Center Caretaker GC- gruner@odessa.edu
Human Resources
Bryant, Lindsey Manager Human Resources ADM-104G 432.335.6835 lbryant@odessa.edu
George, Betty Benefits Coordinator ADM-104D 432.335.6607 bgeorge@odessa.edu
Myers, Jamie Payroll Specialist ADM-104 B 432.335.6608 jlmyers@odessa.edu
Villa, Luz Secretary to Executive Director of Administration and HR ADM-104 432.335.6606 gvilla@odessa.edu
Zartner, Ken Executive Director of Administration and Human Resources ADM-104B 432.335.6421 kzartner@odessa.edu
Information Services
Alleman, Maricia Programmer Analyst SPUR-108 432.335.6439 malleman@odessa.edu
Elliott, Robert Database/Systems Analyst SPUR-107 432.335.6441 belliott@odessa.edu
Everett, Charles Dir Information Services SPUR-109 432.335.6664 ceverett@odessa.edu
Information Technology
Blain, David PC and Technology Technician WAR-100 432.335.6518 dblain@odessa.edu
Cannady, Grady Director Network Services SPUR-123 432.335.6615 pcannady@odessa.edu
Carman, Tony Network Security Engineer SPUR-121 432.335.6782 tcarman@odessa.edu
Carroll, Jeremy PC and Technology Technician SPUR-126B 432.335.6768 jlcarroll@odessa.edu
Cone, Royce Director Technology Services SPUR-124 432.335.6593 rkcone@odessa.edu
Lacour, Jason Audio Visual Media Clerk SPUR-127 432.335.6445 jlacour@odessa.edu
Lovell, Kevin Network Communications Specialist SPUR-119 432.335.6515 kevin@odessa.edu
Ryan, Henry Server/Sharepoint Manager SPUR-122 432.335.6516 hryan@odessa.edu
Schwab, Steven PC and Technology Technician SPUR-126A 432.335.6517 sschwab@odessa.edu
Webber, Bradley Network Communications Specialist SPUR-119 432.335.6858 bwebber@odessa.edu
Woods, Christine PC and Technology Installer SPUR-126D 432.335.6520 cwoods@odessa.edu
Insitutional Advancement
Graham, Cindy Scholarship and Development Assistant ADM-101 432.335.6646 cgraham@odessa.edu
Lewallen, Rhonda Development Research Coordinator ADM-211A 432.335.6405 rlewallen@odessa.edu
Institutional Effectiveness
Andrews, Kari Institutional Research Coordinator SUB-215A 432.335.6890 kandrews@odessa.edu
Kowacich, Donna Assessment & Reporting Coordinator CT-221B 432.335.6797 dkowacich@odessa.edu
Marin, Delma Director of WOW Customer Experience SUB-204E 432.335.6568 dmarin@odessa.edu
May, Connie Executive Director Institutional Research and Effectiveness ADM-211 432.335.6611 cmay@odessa.edu
Melendez, Ana Director of Data Managment Services SUB-202 432.335.6892 amelendez@odessa.edu
Rivas, Robert Director of Institutional Research ADM-212 432.335.6311 rrivas@odessa.edu
Law Enforcement
Kennedy, Shawndee Associate Professor II Law Enforcement ET-154 432.335.6455 skennedy@odessa.edu
Myers, Jennifer Department Chair Law Enforcement ET-159 432.335.6505 jsmyers@odessa.edu
Newton, John Associate Professor II Law Enforcement ET-155 432.335.6332 jnewton@odessa.edu
Thomas, Troy Associate Professor II Law Enforcement ET-158 432.335.6540 tthomas@odessa.edu
Learning Resources Center
Clark, Donna Director Public Service of Learning Resource Center LRC-101 432.335.6645 dclark@odessa.edu
Elliott, Susan Director Technical Services of Learning Resource Center LRC-102 432.335.6642 selliott@odessa.edu
Harris, Linda Circulation Clerk Learning Resource Center LRC-100 432.335.6639 lharris@odessa.edu
Lea, Deborah Technical Services Clerk of Learning Resource Center LRC-108 432.335.6643 dlea@odessa.edu
Petersen, Carolyn Director Learning Resource Center LRC-112 432.335.6641 cpetersen@odessa.edu
Quintero, Patricia Director Serials of Learning Resource Center LRC-203 432.335.6350 pquintero@odessa.edu
Wunsch, Erskine Technical Services Clerk of Learning Resource Center LRC-108 432.335.6650 wwunsch@odessa.edu
Legal Assistant Program
Zeigenbein, Kayla Associate Professor I Legal Assistant SH-216 432.335.6485 kzeigenbein@odessa.edu
LVN - Andrews
Chavez, Christina Instructor LVN Program Andrews ABTC-224 .524.4022 cchavez@odessa.edu
Osburn, Julia Instructor LVN Program Andrews ANF- 432.524.4022 josburn@odessa.edu
Tejeda, Rosa Instructor LVN Program Andrews ABTC- rtejeda@odessa.edu
LVN - Monahans
McCalister, Julia Assistant Professor LVN Nursing Monahans MEC-106C 432.335.6393 amccalister@odessa.edu
Mitchell, Mary Instructor LVN Nursing Monahans mm278735@myoc.odessa.edu
Wells, Nancy Department Chair LVN Program MEC- 432.335.6392 nwells@odessa.edu
Machine Shop
Taylor, Raymond Assistant Professor Machine Technology SH-142 432.335.6475 ctaylor@odessa.edu
Jones, Alexia Instructor in Business Leadership SH-209 432.335.6454 sjones@odessa.edu
Nichols, Connie Instructor in Business Leadership SH-208 432.335.6521 cnichols@odessa.edu
Collerd, June Secretary to Media Relations ADM-211 432.335.6416 jcollerd@odessa.edu
Conway, Derrick Director of Web Services ADM-211D 432.335.6682 dconway@odessa.edu
Dalton, Cheryl Director of Media Relations ADM-211C 432.335.6530 cdalton@odessa.edu
Urias, Beatriz Graphic and Web Design Specialist ADM-101E 432.335.6838 burias@odessa.edu
Cohlmia, Krista Department Chair Mathematics ET-108 432.335.6638 kcohlmia@odessa.edu
Jaster, Robert Associate Professor II Mathmatics ET-106 432.335.6634 rjaster@odessa.edu
Lackey, Debra Mathemtics Instructor ET-114 432.335.6360 dlackey@odessa.edu
Murphree, Daniel Assistant Professor Mathematics ET-105 432.335.6541 dmurphree@odessa.edu
Oeser, Paul Associate Professor II Mathmatics ET-117 432.335.6635 poeser@odessa.edu
Street, Margaret Professor Mathematics ET-115 432.335.6863 mstreet@odessa.edu
Walker, Christopher Associate Professor II Mathmatics ET-107 432.335.6637 cwalker@odessa.edu
Math Lab
Evans, Theresa Instructor Developmental Mathematics ET-135 432.335.6406 tevans@odessa.edu
Handley, Nikki Instructor Developmental Mathematics ET-102 432.335.6751 nhandley@odessa.edu
Lange, Ariela Associate Professor I Developmental Mathematics ET-127B 432.335.6799 alange@odessa.edu
Baker, Eric Department Chair Music FA-122 432.335.6623 ebaker@odessa.edu
Bizzell, Linda Assistant Professor Music FA-110 432.335.6630 lbizzell@odessa.edu
Corman, David Music Instructor FA-121 432.335.6631 dcorman@odessa.edu
Lane, Lu Music Instructor FA-109 432.335.6629 llane@odessa.edu
Nurse Aide - Continuing Ed
Thomas, Marsha CE Certified Nurse Aide Instructor 432.335.6813 mthomas@odessa.edu
Occupational Safety/Health
Jones, Marilyn Instructor Occupational Safety and Health Technology ET-207 432.335.6886 mjones@odessa.edu
Reese, Lyndel Department Chair Occupational Safety and Health ET-201 432.335.6883 lreese@odessa.edu
OC Global
Lyon, Julie OC Global Program Coordinator DH-132 432.335.6659 jlyon@odessa.edu
Virgin, Jennifer Web Design and Instructional Technology Specialist SUB-203D 432.335.6649 jvirgin@odessa.edu
Office Education
Adkins, Sharman Assistant Professor Office Technology SH-219 432.335.6468 sadkins@odessa.edu
Graves, Sandra Assistant Professor Office Technology SH-222 432.335.6426 sgraves@odessa.edu
Ramos, Wende Instructor Office Technology SH-219 432.335.6488 wramos@odessa.edu
Stewart, Nancy Department Chair Business Professions SH-226 432.335.6486 nstewart@odessa.edu
Pecos Technology Center
Rodriguez, Irma Secretary to Director Pecos Technicial Center PCTR-100 432.335.6807 irodriguez@odessa.edu
Workman, Michelle Director of Pecos Technicial Center PCTR-PECOS 432.335.6809 mworkman@odessa.edu
Goff, Steve Department Chair Art and Photography SH-203 432.335.6497 sgoff@odessa.edu
Physical Education
Staton, Jon Department Chair Physical Education SC-201B 432.335.6563 jstaton@odessa.edu
Walsh, Lora Instructor Phyical Education SC-203 432.335.6566 cwalsh@odessa.edu
Physical Plant
Baeza, Pete Construction PPCA-100 432.335.6512 pbaeza@odessa.edu
Campos, Juan Maintenance PPCA- 432.335.6512 jcampos@odessa.edu
Frederick, Donnie Construction PPCC-100 432.335.6513 dfrederick@odessa.edu
Gerber, Loretta Physical Plant Secretary PPCA-100 432.335.6512 lgerber@odessa.edu
Grado, Manuel Hvac Supervisor PPCC- 432.335.6512 mgrado@odessa.edu
Gutierrez, Joe Maintenance PPCA- 432.335.6512 jgutierrez@odessa.edu
Heifner, Bryan Director of Facilities and Construction PPCA- 432.335.6512 bheifner@odessa.edu
Hogan, Troy Construction PPCA-100 432.335.6512 thogan@odessa.edu
Ibarra, Michael Grounds Supervisor PPCA- 432.335.6512 mibarra@odessa.edu
Lay, Beverly Facility Compliance Specialist PPCA- 432.335.6534 blay@odessa.edu
Lay, Wesley Athletic Groundskeeper PPCA- 432.335.6512 wlay@odessa.edu
Martinez, Lionel Irrigation PPCA- 432.335.6512 lmartinez@odessa.edu
Olivas-Martinez, Jaime Groundskeeper PPCA- 432.335.6512 jolivas@odessa.edu
Porras, Vivian Painter PPCA- 432.335.6512 vporras@odessa.edu
Rivera, Joe Painter PPCA- 432.335.6512 lrivera@odessa.edu
Rodriguez, Moses Control Technician PPCC- 432.335.6512 mrodriguez@odessa.edu
Rushing, Ray Maintenance PPCC- 432.335.6512 rrushing@odessa.edu
Smith, Melissa CC Maintenance PPCA- 432.335.6512 msmith@odessa.edu
Stell, Philip Construction Supervisor PPCA- 432.335.6512 pstell@odessa.edu
Thomas, Jerry Maintenance PPCA- 432.335.6512 jthomas@odessa.edu
Watkins, Willie Groundskeeper PPCA- 432.335.6512 wwatkins@odessa.edu
Williams, Robert Assistant Director Physical Plant and Operations PPCA-106 432.335.6695 rwilliams@odessa.edu
Physical Sciences - Chemistry
Jackson, Nichole Department Chair Physical Sciences WH-102C 432.335.6526 njackson@odessa.edu
Morris, Robert Instructor Chemistry WH-122 432.335.6596 rmorris@odessa.edu
Physical Sciences - Geology
Edwards, Dennis Geology Instructor WH-225 432.335.6558 dedwards@odessa.edu
Physical Sciences - Physics
Estep, Leland Associate Professor II Physics WH-219 432.335.6321 lestep@odessa.edu
Physical Therapy
Bertrand, Matthew Assistant Professor Physical Therapy CT-103A 432.335.6830 mbertrand@odessa.edu
Pipes, Tana Instructor Physical Therapy CT-103 432.335.6836 tpipes@odessa.edu
Reznik, Mikala Department Chair Physical Therapy Assistant CT-104 432.335.6842 mreznik@odessa.edu
Agnew, Gene Administrative Assistant ADM-201 432.335.6411 gagnew@odessa.edu
Williams, Gregory President ADM-201 432.335.6410 gwilliams@odessa.edu
Hellinghausen, Jane Department Chair Psychology/Sociology WH-236 432.335.6555 jhellinghausen@odessa.edu
Jordan, Mystic Associate Professor II Psychology/Sociology WH-235 432.335.6658 myjordan@odessa.edu
Purchasing &Business Services
Rivera, Chris Warehouse Shipping and Receiving Clerk WAR- 432.335.6766 crivera@odessa.edu
Purchasing & Business Services
Curnutt, Cynthia Director of Purchasing WAR-103D 432.335.6601 ccurnutt@odessa.edu
Hayes, Karlyn Accounts Payable Clerk WAR-103 432.335.6424 khayes@odessa.edu
Rodriguez, Norma Secretary Purchasing WAR- 432.335.6425 narodriguez@odessa.edu
Shuck, Donald Asset Inventory/Central Services Supervisor WAR-100 432.335.6657 dshuck@odessa.edu
Wilson, Linda Buyer WAR-103 432.335.6423 lwilson@odessa.edu
Radiologic Technology
Everett, Catherine Associate Professor I Radiology CT-114 432.335.6449 cleverett@odessa.edu
Hughes, Vicki Auxilary Instructor Radiology CT-115 432.335.6822 vhughes@odessa.edu
Nanson, Carrie Department Chair Radiology CT-113 432.335.6469 cnanson@odessa.edu
Reading and Education
Jones, Kathy Department Chair of Reading and Education LRC-315 432.335.6529 ksjones@odessa.edu
Matthews, Janet Instructor Reading and Education LRC-314 432.335.6613 jmatthews@odessa.edu
Records Office
Alvarez, Ronni Records Specialist SUB-202 432.335.6737 ralvarez@odessa.edu
Clark, Timothy Assistant Registrar SUB-202A 432.335.6739 tlclark@odessa.edu
Clifton, Sandra Records Specialist SUB-202 432.335.6744 sclifton@odessa.edu
Doughty, Karen Registrar/Records Management Officer SUB-202D 432.335.6443 kdoughty@odessa.edu
Mitcham, Catherine Records Specialist cmitcham@odessa.edu
Strange, Leslie Graduation Advisor SUB-202B 432.335.6746 lstrange@odessa.edu
Avery, Tracy Director of Recruitment SUB-204C 432.335.6765 tavery@odessa.edu
Franke, Courtney Outreach Specialist SUB-204J 432.335.6823 cfranke@odessa.edu
Green, Sheena Outreach Specialist SUB-110 432.335.6339 sgreen@odessa.edu
Aragon, Clint Rodeo Coach/Graham Center Director GC- 432.561.8978 caragon@odessa.edu
Social Science
Deerfield, Amanda Associate Professor II Social Science DH-205 432.335.6536 adeerfield@odessa.edu
Dille, Brian Professor Social Science DH-209 432.335.6592 bdille@odessa.edu
Findley, Robert Department Chair Social Science DH-201 432.335.6591 gfindley@odessa.edu
Hargis, Deborah Instructor Social Science DH-203 432.335.6587 dhargis@odessa.edu
Heiting, Thomas Professor Social Science DH-207 432.335.6589 theiting@odessa.edu
Myers, James Professor Social Science DH-214 432.335.6586 mmyers@odessa.edu
Regalado, Daniel Professor Social Science DH-220 432.335.6884 dmregalado@odessa.edu
Roberts, Blair Assistant Professor Social Science DH-205 432.335.6536 broberts@odessa.edu
Test, Test Instructor Social Science DH-202 432.335.6862 dabalos@odessa.edu
Cannon, Karina Assistant Softball Coach SC-202 432.335.6349 kcannon@odessa.edu
Prickett, Joel Softball Coach TCC-100 432.335.6793 jprickett@odessa.edu
Click, Ashley Instructor Speech FA-100 432.335.6369 aclick@odessa.edu
Ramsey, Jennifer Department Chair Speech FA-141A 432.335.6618 jramsey@odessa.edu
Sanchez, Jeremy Instructor Speech FA-101 432.335.6598 jsanchez@odessa.edu
Spirit Squad
Gray, Kristi Spirit Squad Coordinator SC-203 432.335.6573 kgray@odessa.edu
Sports Center
Almodova, Alfonso Sports Center Manager SC-201A 432.335.6310 aalmodova@odessa.edu
Wilson, Rochette Secretary to Community Recreation Sports Center Coordinator SC-100 432.335.6348 rwilson@odessa.edu
Student Accounts
Dow, Melinda AR Clerk SUB-213G 432.335.6420 mdow@odessa.edu
Ramirez, Wendy Manager Student Accounts SUB-213E 432.335.6600 wramirez@odessa.edu
Schenkel, Nancy Third Party Billing Clerk SUB-213H 432.335.6844 nschenkel@odessa.edu
Student Completion
Camarillo, Rosalinda Student Completion Secretary SUB-204 432.335.6433 rcamarillo@odessa.edu
Clemmer, Kristi Executive Director of Student Completion SUB-204D 432.335.6865 kclemmer@odessa.edu
Crabtree, Jeffrey Student Success Coach SUB-205 432.335.6743 jcrabtree@odessa.edu
Harrison, Marci Student Success Coach SUB-204H 432.335.6758 mharrison@odessa.edu
Hernandez, Rodney Student Success Coach SUB-204E 432.335.6357 rhernandez@odessa.edu
Holloway, Denise Student Success Coach SUB-204L 432.335.6877 dholloway@odessa.edu
Lloyd, Michelle Student Success Coach SUB-204J 432.335.6478 mlloyd@odessa.edu
O'Connell, Jordan Student Success Coach SUB-204I 432.335.6755 joconnell@odessa.edu
Phillips, Katherine Student Success Coach SUB-204J 432.335.6478 kphillips@odessa.edu
Rivera-Weiss, Becky Special Populations Outreach Specialist SUB-204N 432.335.6861 brivera@odessa.edu
Smith, Tamara Student Success Coach SUB-204 I 432.335.6745 tsmith@odessa.edu
Torrez, Faustino Director of Student Success SUB-204J 432.335.6741 jtorrez@odessa.edu
Student Financial Aid
Johnson, Rebecca Student Financial Services Specialist SUB-213 432.335.6430 bjohnson@odessa.edu
Nash, Gail Student Financial Services Specialist SUB-213 432.335.6367 gnash@odessa.edu
Nesmith, Deirdre Director of Financial Aid SUB-213 432.335.6429 dnesmith@odessa.edu
Ramirez, Amanda Assistant Director Student Financial Services SUB-213 432.335.6365 alramirez@odessa.edu
Student Life & Housing
Prevost, David Student Activities Coordinator TH-101A 432.335.6313 dprevost@odessa.edu
Rausaw, Walter Director of Student Life CC-104 432.335.6338 trausaw@odessa.edu
Smith, Bernice Secretary for Student Life TH- 432.335.6403 bsmith@odessa.edu
Student Life and Housing
Falcon, Lizette Housing Records Specialist SUB-213 432.335.6429 lfalcon@odessa.edu
Gwatney, Brad Housing Coordinator CC-101B 432.335.6693 bgwatney@odessa.edu
Student Success Center
Ferrini, Susan Manager Student Success Center LRC-118 432.335.6714 sferrini@odessa.edu
Pace, Pamela Math Lab Coordinator ET-120A 432.335.6523 ppace@odessa.edu
Technical/Workforce Education
Juarez-Torres, Rachel Associate Dean Career, Technical and Workforce Education ET-150 432.335.6854 rjuareztorres@odessa.edu
Roark, Ian Dean Career Technical & Workforce Education ET-152A 432.335.6685 iroark@odessa.edu
Testing Center
McBride, Russell Testing Center Clerk LRC-209 432.335.6622 rmcbride@odessa.edu
Pease, Terri Director of Testing LRC- 432.335.6834 tpease@odessa.edu
Ramirez, Anabel Senior Testing Examiner LRC- 432.335.6604 aramirez@odessa.edu
Title V Allied Health Global
Phillips, Christi Title V Health Secretary DH-145 432.335.6796 cphillips@odessa.edu
Price, Jessica Activity Director Title V Health/ Distance Learning Sp DH-141 432.335.6356 jprice@odessa.edu
Ramirez, Yolanda Director Title V DH-140 432.335.6328 yramirez@odessa.edu
Transfer Completion
Tercero, Lorinda Completion/Transfer Specialist SUB-504A 432.335.6756 ltercero@odessa.edu
Acosta, Richard Lead Mechanic PPCB-PBCB 432.335.6511 racosta@odessa.edu
Gutierrez, Robert Mechanic PPCA- 432.335.6512 rgutierrez@odessa.edu
Veterans Affairs
Rangel, Gloria Veterans Affairs Coordinator SUB-204 432.335.6833 grangel@odessa.edu
Vice Pres for Advancement
Boss, Regina Project Coordinator ADM-202 432.335.6668
Hughes, Tanya Vice President for Advancement and Chief of Staff ADM-210 432.335.6815 thughes@odessa.edu
Vice Pres for Business Affairs
Chisum, Virginia Vice President Business Affairs ADM-203 432.335.6415 vchisum@odessa.edu
Moss, Brenda Administrative Assistant to Vice President Business Affairs ADM-203 432.335.6415 bmoss@odessa.edu
Vice Pres for Info Technology
Bradley, Shannon Administrative Assistant to the Vp of Information Technology ADM-213 432.335.6876 sbradley@odessa.edu
Shreves, Larry Vice President of Information Technology ADM-213 432.335.6866 sshreves@odessa.edu
Vice Pres for Inst. Effect.
Moya, Kristi Administrative Assistant for the VP of IE ADM-210 432.335.6446 kmoya@odessa.edu
Wood, Donald Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness ADM-210 432.335.6340 dwood@odessa.edu
Vice Pres for Student Services
McKay, Kimberly Vice President Student Services and Enrollment Management ADM-214 432.335.6683 kmckay@odessa.edu
Reyes, Elma Admininistrative Assistant to Vp Student Services ADM-214 432.335.6770 ereyes@odessa.edu
Vice President for Instruction
Carrillo, Norma Administrative Assistant Vice President for Instruction DH-106 432.335.6412 ncarrillo@odessa.edu
Jones, Valerie Vice President of Instruction CT-100A 432.335.6477 vjones@odessa.edu
Rowland, Alana Volleyball Coach SC-204A 432.335.6447 arowland@odessa.edu
Jones, Roy Instructor Welding SH-145A 432.335.6306 rjones@odessa.edu
Mosman, James Department Chair Industrial Technology SH-145A 432.335.6474 jmosman@odessa.edu