OC Foundation Board of Directors


The Odessa College Foundation Board of Directors represents businesses, industries and individuals throughout the Odessa community. Members of the board are engaged in meaningful work throughout the year with the sole purpose of providing financial support to Odessa College students, programs and projects.

John Wilkins

John Wilkins

2016 Foundation Board President

In his message last year, President Randy Wilson of the Odessa College Foundation board remarked, “The quality of education in our community should always be at the top of the list.”

My message this year will be an extension of Randy’s 2015 words. We live in a community that as a whole has low educational expectations. Our public school system is struggling academically. Far too many of our youth are dropping out. When they do graduate from high school, too many do not pursue any type of further education. To affect change, the community must embrace the culture that education is the number one priority.

Odessa College is a leader in this change. With innovative and visionary practices, Dr. Williams and his staff are transforming OC into one of the best community colleges in the nation. OC, as a result, has seen an increase of 20% in enrollment in the last few years. In that same time, the number of associate and certification degrees awarded has doubled.

The purpose of our board is to provide financial aid to students. In the last two years, the Foundation’s Student Success Scholarship Fund has provided scholarships in the gross amount of $266,500 to almost 300 students. We, as a board, are proud that we are able to provide the funds so students can further their education. Education is the board’s number one priority.

Thanks to all for your continued support of the Foundation and Odessa College.

Remember – an educated community is a better community.


John W. Wilkins

President, Odessa College Foundation Board


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