• 8AM - 10:00PM, Mondays - Thursdays
  • 8AM - 1PM, Fridays
  • Closed Saturdays and Sundays

OC Andrews Center is available through prior scheduling. Contact Kami Hyer at 432-523-3300.

Summer Hours:

  • 7:30AM - 10:00PM, Mondays - Thursdays | Closed Fridays - Sundays


201 NW Ave. D, Andrews, TX 79714

Phone: 432.523.3300 FAX: 432.524.6643

LVN: 432.524.4022 

College Credit Courses

Click HERE to view the class schedule. Call 432.523.3300 for more information.

Vocational Nursing

Visit the OC LVN home page or call 432.524.4022 for more information.

Continuing Education Classes

Click HERE to view or download the CE Schedule.

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Andrews area residents can now choose from both online & face-to-face offerings.

  • FREE GED Classes in Andrews: Click HERE for more information
  • College Credit Course Offerings
  • Continuing Education Course Offerings
  • Hybrid (1/2 face to face,1/2 online)


OC Andrews Scholarship Fund

Scholarship requirements: The applicant must be a current resident of Andrews County; The applicant must be a graduate of Andrews High School, Andrews Adult Literacy Program (G.E.D.), or Andrews Home School program; Scholarship funding will only be used for courses/programs offered through the Andrews Business and Technology Center; The applicant must maintain a 2.5 GPA to reapply for future OC Andrews scholarships; The applicant must complete 5 hours of community service during the semester upon which they receive scholarship funding; The applicant must enroll a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester (fall, spring, and/or summer).

Click HERE for Andrews Scholarship Application Instructions.

Scholarship award:

Enrollment hours/Scholarship award

  • 6 hours / $ 500.00                  
  • 7 hours / $ 575.00
  • 8 hours / $ 650.00
  • 9 hours / $ 700.00
  • 10 hours/ $ 775.00
  • 11 hours/ $ 850.00
  • 12 hours/ $ 900.00
Click HERE to apply and learn more about OC Scholarships.

Student Services in Andrews

  • Advisement assistance
  • Registration assistance for Credit and Continuing Education classes
  • Financial Aid, Scholarship, and payment information and assistance
  • High School Dual Credit information
  • T.S.I.A. information and testing center

Need Help Registering?

We can help register you for Continuing Ed or Credit classes in Andrews!

Phone: 432.523.3300

LVN: 432.524.4022 





201 NW Ave. D, Andrews, TX 79714

Phone: 432.523.3300 FAX: 432.524.6643

Kami Hyer
Andrews Center Director
Office: ABTC 130
Phone: 432.523.3300

Nicole Hays, RN
Director of Vocational Nursing
Office: HSB- 210, ABTC- Seminar A
Phone: 432-335-6464, 432-524-4022

Sandra Cave
Administrative Assistant, Andrews 
Office: ABTC - Lobby
Phone: 432.523.3300

Sheena Webb, RN
Nursing Instructor
Office: ABTC- 126
Phone: 432-524-4022

Yesenia Walsh, RN, MSN
Nursing Instructor
Office: ABTC- 131
Phone: 432-524-4022

Whitney Hice, RN
Nursing Instructor
Office:  ABTC 127
Phone:  432-524-4022

Lillybet Hicks, LVN
Nursing Instructor
Office:  ABTC 116
Phone: 432-524-4022

Danna Duke
LVN Secretary
Office: ABTC - Admin
Phone: 432-524-4022

Andrews Advisory Committee

Russell Tippen - CEO, Permian Regional Medical Center

Steve Eggleston - City Manager

Scott Wallace - Director of Community Services

Nohemi Bueno-SanchezChamber of Commerce

Laura Carter - Andrews High School Counselor

Dr. Bobby Azam - Andrews High School, Superintendent

Mayor Flora Braly