PACE Academy

PACE Academy Schedule

(Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Electricity)

Fall Schedule

Plumbing Maintenance and Repair         48 Hours, 4.8 CEU’s
A course that covers the maintenance repair of Plumbing systems such as: drains, wastes, vents, water supply piping, plumbing fixtures, septic systems, storm water systems, HVAC systems, swimming pools, hot tubs, and irrigation systems. Textbook: the same as Intro to the Plumbing Trade. Instructor: S. Stallings.
PFPB 1021           Tuesday, Thursday          6-10pm                 $407
Fundamentals of Electricity I      48 hours, 48 CEU’s
An introduction to electrical fundamentals for electricians including: safety, electrical energy, electrician’s tools and equipment, wiring systems, conductors, boxes and raceways, wiring devices, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, grounding, and the service entrance. Course work will also include reading electrical blueprints, designing electrical systems, and the wiring of a residence.
Textbook: Modern Residential Wiring ISBN13:978-1-61960-842-9. Instructor: S. Stallings.
ELPT 1019            Tuesday, Thursday          6-10pm                 $407
Basic Electrical Wiring   48 hours, 48 CEU’s
An introduction to the practical installation of wiring on a Farm, a Mobile Home, a swimming pool, telephones, computers, motors, and emergency and standby systems. The course content will also include electrical remodeling, electrical maintenance and troubleshooting, and electrical careers.
Textbook: the same as Fundamental of Electricity I. Instructor: S. Stallings.
ELPT 1000            Tuesday, Thursday          6-10pm                 $407

Spring Schedule

Residential Air conditioning       48 Hours, 4.8 CEU’s
An introduction to the refrigeration cycle, heat transfer theory, temperature/pressure relationship, refrigerant handling, refrigeration components, efficiency, and safety. The EPA refrigerant certification will be included in this course.
Textbook: Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ISBN-13:9781631263545. Instructor: S. Stallings
HART 1041           Tuesday, Thursday          6-10pm $407
Air Conditioning Control Principles         48 Hours, 4.8 CEU’s
A basic study of HVAC and refrigeration controls, troubleshooting of control components, emphasis on use of wiring diagrams to analyze high and low voltage circuits, and a review of Ohm’s law as applied to air conditioning controls and circuits.
Textbook: the same as Residential Air Conditioning. Instructor: S. Stallings.
HART 1003           Tuesday, Thursday          6-10pm                 $407
Introduction to the Plumbing Trade 48 Hours, 4.8 CEU’s
A practical introduction to the business of installing and repairing plumbing pipes, valves, and fixtures. Instruction will include unstopping drains, repairing faucets, and other plumbing related tasks.
Textbook: Modern Plumbing ISBN-13:9781619608634. Instructor: S. Stallings.
PFPB 1013           Tuesday, Thursday          6-10pm                 $407

Summer Schedule

Landscape Irrigation       40 Hours, 4.0 CEU’s
A basic course for the installation of underground lawn sprinklers systems. The content will include the design, selection of materials, and proper installation of an efficient lawn irrigation system. The installation of a proper Backflow Prevention device will be covered.
Textbook: Rain Bird Landscape Irrigation Design Manual (no ISBN#). Instructor: S. Stallings.
HALT 1033           Tuesday, Thursday          6-10pm                 $407
Appliance Repair             40 Hours, 4.0 CEU’s
A course demonstrating the troubleshooting and repair of major appliances such as refrigerators, gas and electric cooking equipment, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and garbage disposers. Emphasis will be put on the electrical skills necessary to properly diagnose and repair these appliances.
Textbook: Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances ISBN: 13:9780071770194. Instructor: S. Stallings.
MAIR 1051          Tuesday Thursday           6-10pm                 $407