Professional Driver Training

OC can prepare you for a career as a professional truck driver in as little as one month. According to American Trucking Association, over half a million drivers are needed each year for the next decade. Starting salaries for long-distance professional truck drivers can average $30,000 per year. Our classes, which consist of 200 hours, include classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction, as well as screening to help qualify our trained drivers for employment.


Applicants for the program must successfully complete a pre-employment screening (fee is included in tuition) which includes DOT physical, drug screen, moving violation report and CDL application. The total cost of this program is $4,150.


Applicants must have a high school diploma, GED, or pass an assessment test and be 21 years of age or older.

For more information or an appointment with the program recruiter, Marilyn Jenkins, call the OC Truck Driver School Office at 432.580.0860.

Class Schedules

CVOP 1013* & CVOP 1040*  
August 5-30
Sept 3-27
Sept 30-Oct 25
Oct 28-Nov 22
Nov 25-Dec 22

*Students must take both CVOP 1013 & CVOP 1040 to earn the program certificate.

Please call Marilyn Jenkins for more information 432.580.0860.

After Graduation from this course, the student will be:

  1. Qualified to secure an entry level job as an over the road driver with a commercial driver's license.
  2. Aware of safety procedures; alcohol and drug effects; laws and penalties applicable to the professional driver.
  3. Proficient at performing pre-trip, on the road, post-trip vehicle, and equipment inspections.
  4. Skillful in safe driving techniques.
  5. Capable of map reading, log books, cargo documentation, dispatch procedures, emergency responsibilities and regulations of transportation agencies.
  6. As an over-the-road driver, you can travel all 48 states and Canada in all kinds of weather and terrain.


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