Medical Spanish



Further develop your Spanish communication skills to enhance your medical career by enrolling in Medical Spanish for Heritage Speakers certificate course!

If you know some Spanish or have grown up in a Spanish-speaking household and know the language, but don’t feel comfortable speaking Spanish in a professional environment. This course introduces essential medical vocabulary, practical reference information, and medical notes written from a cross-cultural perspective.

Whether you are currently working in healthcare, or still in college, this course will help you learn to communicate in different roles and medical situations, while developing a more natural, conversational style, not just memorization. This course focuses on communication support designed to serve those in the medical professions who seek basic medical conversational skills in Spanish.

Our local healthcare system increasingly cares for Spanish-speaking patients who at times are unable to effectively speak English. This training will help you develop a natural, personable communication style and avoid the common frustration of miscommunicating important information to your patients and their families. This course provides practical exercises, giving you the confidence to bridge this gap.

Medical Spanish for Heritage Speakers is an ideal program for medical students, pre-professionals, and professionals who may encounter everyday situations at work in settings such as hospitals, emergency rooms, doctors' offices, and clinics when dealing with Spanish-speaking patients and personnel in the United States.

This course will help you become a more effective healthcare provider, increase your marketability, and become a more valuable employee.


No Course Prerequisites 

Course Recommendation: Electronic Device with access to the Internet


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Course Information: 

  • Spring 1 Course (Odessa) 

    • Duration: 14 Weeks
    • Class Size: 6 Min/15 Max
    • Cost: $750 (Includes Textbook)
    • Down payment: $0
    • Hours: 48 Classroom Hours; there is an online component to this course
    • Adult Evening Classes:
      • March 20th, 2023 – June 30th, 2023
        • Classroom– TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 6pm-8pm

What do I need to register?

Call the Continuing Education Office at 432-335-6580 to enroll or send inquiries

There are no prerequisites, Complio account, CPR, or Scrubs needed for this course. 


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