Customized Training

Your company’s employee training needs, like its products, are unique. Odessa College Continuing Education and Workforce Development works with you to provide training and education to meet those needs. We provide quality; cost-effective workforce training that can be customized around your industry and your employees. You can enroll employees in courses taught on the main campus, at one of our extension sites, or we can bring the course to your facility.

Individuals seek workforce training for a number of reasons—to prepare for their first job, to learn new skills for their current job, or sometimes, to change careers altogether. So, whether you have been in the workforce a few years or are embarking on specialized training straight out of high school, Odessa College Continuing Education can prepare you for the career path you seek. Among our most popular courses are for those careers that are high demand in the Permian Basin area. They include commercial truck driving, childcare development, and computer skills.

Skills for Small Businesses Employee Training

Odessa College is eligible to provide training for small businesses (fewer than 100 employees) through the Skills for Small Business grant. OC has staff available to help with completing the application and selecting classes/courses for employees to take. Training is available for full time staff employees; the program pays up to $1,800 for each new employee being trained and $900 for existing employees per 12-month period. Let Odessa College know how you would like to train employees within your small business, and we will develop a training program specific to your business' particular needs.

We also offer a number of workforce development certificates, which are a group of classes that will prepare you for entry in a career field. They include:

Part of preparing students for their career is hands on training.  While we do as much as we can here in the classroom, we know students benefit from the opportunity to work in their chosen field while still in school.  That's where local businesses can help. Please contact 432-335-6580 if you have any questions.


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