Dick & Amelia Saulsbury Conference Center

Facility:  Dick & Amelia Saulsbury Conference Room        Square Footage:  3,308

Location:  Electronics Technology Building (Room 130)

Description:  The Dick and Amelia Saulsbury Conference Room is one of Odessa College’s multimedia meeting rooms with a maximum seating capacity of approximately 200. The room can be oriented in a number of ways depending on the type of event setting and the type of tables needed.  The Colleges food service Great Western Dining can provide anything from snacks and refreshments to full meals.

Audio/Visual Capabilities:    

A hard wired podium with a touch panel that serves as a command center for the room

Two remote controlled retractable projection screens (one on the south wall and the other on the west wall)

Two ceiling mounted LCD projectors with the screens directed at each of the screens mentioned above.

Two DVD/Blu-ray player and sound system

The sound system consists of two handheld wireless microphones and three wireless lavaliere microphones.  All five microphones can be used in any combination.

Room Features: 

The command center on the podium also controls the room’s electrical lighting and natural light into the room through the windows.  The suns glare into the room can be reduced by activating the window screens at the flip of a switch.  The room can be darkened even further by activating the window shades.

Limitations:  Odessa College does not allow this room to be decorated with glitter or confetti, nor does it allow anything to be hung, tacked, or taped to the walls of this room.  In addition all meetings or events that require food, beverages, or snacks must go through Great Western Dining, the sole food service provider for any event held on Odessa College property.   For catering information and menu selection please call 432-335-6870.

Rental Rates:

Full Day (Mon. – Thur.)  $500.00 Half Day (Mon. – Thur.) $300.00

Full Day (Fri. – Sun.)        $550.00 Half Day (Fri. – Sun.)       $350.00

For Rental reservations or more information, contact:

Lionel Loya lloya@odessa.edu   (432) 335-6753

Jan Hewitt  jhewitt@odessa.edu  (432) 335-6754