Dowling Commit to College Event

Dowling Commit to College Event

On Friday, April 22nd, Odessa College staff participated in a commit to college event with 5th graders of Dowling Elementary in Odessa. A total of 101 letters of commitment were distributed. This event is an annual meeting between the two entities in promoting college. In past years, Odessa College staff have always addressed students with information in terms of programs, student life, money for college, and kid’s summer campus. Following the information, students would stand in line to sign their commitment to Odessa College and then have their letter signed by Dr. Greg Williams.

This year, “less information, more inspiration” was the coined phrase. Rather than having staff fill students with information, current Odessa College students shared their journey to OC and their plans for the future, as well give advice to the 5th graders for their future choices.  In addition to our current students, we had our Dean of Dual Credit address the students regarding their “next step” towards college through our Dual credit tract. 

When the time came for the signing, rather than having the students sign individual letters followed by Dr. Williams signing, letters with an inspiring message and Dr. Williams signature were already prepared. Students signed an OC banner then were able to interact with the President, shaking hands, and receiving the letter. The banner was created to hang in the halls of Dowling to remind students of their commitment to go to college and of OC’s commitment to be their college.

April 22, 2016

Dear Dowling Fifth Grader:

Congratulations on completing elementary school. As a Dowling Elementary Tiger, you have the foundation to be a successful COLLEGE student.

Odessa College believes that every student can and should go to college. Some of you will begin college as early as ninth grade. And, if you start that early, you can even earn an Odessa College degree BEFORE you earn a high school diploma.

My challenge to you: MAKE COLLEGE A PRIORITY NOW. Begin planning, begin saving, begin exploring…and NEVER stop learning. Odessa College students are committed to:

  • Completing what they start
  • Asking question and using resources
  • Attending class and attempting each assignment
  • Being organized and making good decisions

Today you have signed a banner to commit to these same things. This banner is your promise to yourself, your family and YOUR Odessa College.


Dr. Gregory D. Williams

Odessa College President