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Basic Features
Installing the Phone and Connecting to the Network

Adjusting the Height of the Footstand
Placing a Call

Answering a Call
Ending a Call
Forwarding all Calls
Placing a Call on Hold
Placing a Conference Call
Joining a Meet-Me Conference Call
Redialing the Most Recently Dialed Number

Transferring a Call
Changing the LCD Contrast

Optional Features
Parking a Call
Initiating a Meet-Me Conference Call
Using Call Pickup Within Your Call Group
Using Group Call Pickup for Someone Outside Your Call Group

Audio Features
Changing the Ringer Type
Adjusting the Ringer Volume

Adjusting the Handset Volume
Adjusting the Speaker Volume
Muting a Call

Voice Mail Features
Setting Up Voice Mail
Accessing Voice Mail

Browser Features
Forwarding all Calls When You Are Not at Your Phone
Configuring Speed Dial Numbers