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Please understand before you begin that you are to read this page thoroughly, watch the orientation video below, and then click on the course below you are in and read that information thoroughly.  Please make sure before you begin that you understand all the requirements for your class and can meet those requirements.  You also need to make sure you have a backup computer to work on if something happens to yours.  Computer crashes are not accepted as an excuse for late work.  You need to have a back-up plan or use a computer on campus if needed.

CAUTION:  If you have taken a web course previously please make sure you read all the info below and on the page for your class.  Changes have taken place so do not assume you already know how to do everything. 

Course Materials:

You need to purchase the MyMath Lab software package.  You do not need to purchase a book for this course.  You can purchase the software at the Odessa College Book Store or on-line at with a credit or debit card.  If you are VCT you may want to purchase on-line or contact me for faster service.  To purchase on-line click on the orientation video below. 

To watch the orientation video click here.   

Please note that the Final is proctored and you must come to Odessa College to the Math Tutoring Center to take the Final Exam.  This is the only test you have to take at OC.  All other test are taken on-line.  If you are VCT student you will have to arrange to take the test at your testing center and get me the information on where you are taking it and who I should contact with instructions. 

When contacting me by e-mail please include your class and section code in the subject line so I will know which class you are in.  Example:  0375.wb             Please type your name at the end of your e-mail so I will know who you are. 

Click on the button below for the class you are taking to get your specific information about the course.

Math 0372   Click on this button if you are taking Intro to Algebra 0372

Intermediate Algebra:  0375    Click on this button if you are taking Intermediate Algebra 0375






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